Sekisui Diagnostics’ OSOM Ultra Plus Flu A&B Test is a rapid antigen test that detects influenza type A and type B nucleoprotein antigens directly from nasal swab and nasopharyngeal swab specimens, within only 10 minutes at the point of care. Because it’s equipped with ready-to-use extraction buffers and a seamless CLIA-waived sample processing procedure, healthcare providers can save time and reduce patient wait time during the peak of flu season. 

The clinical performance of the OSOM Ultra Plus Flu A&B Test compared favorably against polymerase chain reaction (PCR) methodology, with a sensitivity of 90.3% for Flu A and 88.0% for Flu B and specificity of 96.7% for Flu A and 99.2% for Flu B. Each kit comes with everything required to run 25 tests, plus two extra test sticks and extraction buffers are included in each kit at no additional charge for external quality control (QC) testing. 

The OSOM Ultra Plus Flu A&B Test is designed to offer:

  • Rapid results – Test and treat patients at the first visit. 
  • Reliable results – High sensitivity and specificity for results you can trust.
  • Time savings – Ready-to-use extraction buffers so you do not have to perform a rehydration step.
  • QC Inside – Two extra tests included in each kit at no additional charge to run external controls.
  • Peace of mind – American made product, which means avoiding delays from international shipments.

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