In the dynamic field of medical technology, the future of diagnostic parasitology is being actively shaped. This is a domain where scientific discovery intersects with technological innovation, leading to significant advancements in healthcare. This program, generously supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Seegene & the AACC, has been meticulously designed to address the complex challenges and potential solutions within the realm of parasitology. It’s important to note that parasitic diseases are not confined to developing nations. In fact, the United States is grappling with several endemic and emerging parasitic diseases, including Babesia microti, Leishmania mexicana, and a variety of imported and zoonotic parasites.

One of the key topics of the roundtable discussion is the staffing challenges associated with traditional ova & parasite exams. These examinations require a high level of expertise and time, presenting a significant challenge in many healthcare settings. However, the discussion also brings to light the emergence of new tools for the diagnosis and screening of stool parasite testing. These advancements hold the potential to streamline the diagnosis of parasitic diseases, making it more efficient and accurate. Furthermore, the roundtable explores the potential value of molecular testing. This advanced technology could significantly alter the way parasitic diseases are diagnosed and treated, marking a significant step forward in the fight against these diseases.

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