TTP Innova crop640TTP plc, Cambridge, UK, has announced an ongoing partnership with Innova Biosciences, Cambridge, UK, to support its rapid point-of-care diagnostics development program.

TTP’s Desktop Biology service provides fast-track development and a rapid route to market for companies looking to commercialize their assays. Innova is providing custom magnetic beads and alkaline phosphatase conjugation services to support the conjugate screening phases of TTP’s assay development process.

The original custom project, under which Innova developed magnetic bead conjugation previously not offered either off-the-shelf or as a custom service, involved developing a range of magnetic beads of different diameters conjugated to capture antibodies. Innova produced all conjugates within 1 week of receiving antibody material. Following the success of this initial project the companies are planning to continue collaborating to offer a seamless approach for companies looking to accelerate the development of their diagnostic or research assays.

TTP’s relationship with Innova Biosciences aims to strengthen the services that TTP provides to its customers by expanding its offering of new diagnostic systems to the market.

“We are pleased to be supporting TTP in the development of point-of-care diagnostics,” says Nick Gee, CEO and chief scientific officer at Innova Biosciences. “The immunodiagnostics market continues to expand worldwide, and this therefore presents an exciting opportunity for both Innova and TTP.”

“By offering a full-service assay and hardware development solution, TTP is able to provide its clients with greatly reduced time to market,” says Edwin Stone, PhD, technology and product development at TTP plc. “Our relationship with Innova expands and reinforces our Desktop Biology service, enabling our clients to achieve a competitive advantage.”

For more information, visit Innova or TTP.