Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Columbia, Md, has introduced its new UV-i group of UV-Vis spectrophotometers designed to provide improved quality control productivity, data analysis and management, and operating efficiency. The new series consists of six models: UV-1900i, UV-2600i, UV-2700i, UV-3600i Plus, SolidSpec-3700i, and SolidSpec-3700i DUV.
All of the UV-Vis spectrophotometers incorporate an automatic pass/fail determination for improved efficiency. The systems are equipped with spectral evaluation software that automatically determines whether data satisfy specified criteria. The spectral evaluation function helps to improve the efficiency of quality control operations by eliminating the need for manual data analysis after spectra are acquired.

The UV-i spectrophotometers also include automatic measurement for improved operating efficiency. By connecting an autosampler unit, the systems can analyze up to 360 samples automatically. Used in combination with the spectral evaluation function, the entire process—including pass/fail determination—can be fully automated.

In addition, the new spectrophotometers improve data analysis and data management. Operators can send data to an Excel spreadsheet in real time or simultaneously save information as a text file. This capability reduces time spent sending data to separate software for data analysis. Shimadzu’s LabSolutions software includes advanced security functionality for solutions compliant with regulations on electronic records and electronic signatures.

The UV-1900i double-beam spectrophotometer enhances usability, performance, and data compliance for all types of work—from routine analysis to research. The device provides high resolution, low stray light diffraction gratings, an ultrafast scan function, and an easy-to-use interface. The spectrophotometer can be operated standalone (without PC) by using the incorporated touch panel, or with a PC by using the included LabSolutions UV-Vis software.

UV-2600i and UV-2700i double-beam spectrophotometers are research-grade instruments. Their high-absorbance measurement capabilities and subnanometer bandwidths make them suitable for analysis of band gap, optical coatings and thin films, biological samples such as DNA and proteins, and other routine work. They are equipped with Shimadzu’s propriety Lo-Ray-Ligh diffraction gratings to maintain low stray light levels in order to obtain high-accuracy measurement of samples.

The UV-3600i Plus NIR spectrophotometer incorporates the latest technology in optical components to achieve high sensitivity, high resolution, and an ultralow stray light level. With measurement capabilities in the ultraviolet (UV), visible, and up to 3,300 nm in the near-infrared range, the device enables characterization of all types of samples, including films, liquids, powders, solids, and wafers.

The SolidSpec-3700i and SolidSpec-3700i DUV (deep UV) spectrophotometers can measure samples in the deep UV, visible, and up to 3,300 nm in the near-infrared range. They are suitable for optical, semiconductor, and flat-panel display needs. Other applications include haze analysis, band gap analysis, photovoltaics, coatings, and optical component characterization.

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