Infinite Microplate Readers

Flexible, highly sensitive analysis

Tecan, Männedorf, Switzerland, has been granted DLReady™ certification status for its high-end multimode readers Infinite® M1000 and Infinite F500 by Promega Corp. The Infinite M1000 is a Quad4 Monochromators™-based multimode instrument, providing flexibility, sensitivity, and speed for demanding applications in drug discovery, life sciences, and research. The Infinite F500 is the company’s high-end, filter-based multimode instrument. It provides a sensitive, filter-based detection platform that offers a multifunctional and modular system to rapidly analyze luminescence and fluorescence-based assays at high sensitivity levels. The instrument also features optional integration of reagent injectors (two injectors with selectable volumes).

(800) 231-0711

SPRI-TE Nucleic Acid Extractor

Strong binding and reproducible results

Beckman Coulter Inc, Fullerton, Calif, introduces the SPRI-TE™ Nucleic Acid Extractor for the automated purification of DNA and RNA. The system prepares between one and 10 samples in about 30 minutes and requires minimal user training. Prepackaged, ready-to-use extraction kits are available for preparing genomic DNA, viral or formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) nucleic acid samples. SPRI-TE incorporates the company’s proprietary SPRI® (solid phase reversible immobilization) technology, which extracts the nucleic acids without centrifugation or vacuum manifold. The SPRI technology helps ensure strong binding and high-quality purification.

Beckman Coulter Inc
(714) 993-5321

Multipurpose Rotator

Mixes tubes in any position

Labnet, Edison, NJ, introduces a new multipurpose rotator that accepts a variety of tube sizes and mixes them in any position—horizontally or vertically. Interchangeable rotisseries accept tubes from 1.5 mL to 50 mL. Each rotisserie is split into two halves, which can be exchanged to mix more than one tube type at the same time, and each rotisserie half can be rotated independently from a center point on the shaft. Placing the halves in line with the shaft produces an end-over-end tumbling motion, similar to that used to mix blood tubes. Rotation speed is fixed at 18 rpm, and a 36 x 1.5/2.0 mL rotisserie is supplied with the rotator.

Labnet International
(888) LABNET1

Elix Advantage

Water purification system

Millipore Corp, Billerica, Mass, presents the new Elix® Advantage water purification system, which provides high-quality pure water that comes straight from the tap. The modular, easily adaptable system can be either bench-integrated or wall-installed. The system’s E-POD® water dispenser unit enables pressurized, pure water dispensing. As many as three E-POD units per system can be connected for manual and volumetric dispensing at flow rates of up to 2 L per minute. A range of point-of-use filters exists to adapt the E-POD units for use with specific applications. The Elix Advantage system is designed to meet or exceed requirements as described by ISO® 3696 (Grade 2 water) and ASTM® D1193 (Type II resistivity and TOC Table I specifications).

(800) 548-7853


Microplate stackers

BioTek Instruments, based in Winooski, Vt, introduces its BioStack™ Microplate Stacker with Rotational Wrist. This new stacker is designed for enhanced flexibility, customizable automation, and broad compatibility in microplate-based applications. The BioStack’s integrated rotational wrist accommodates instrument carriers with both landscape and portrait orientations, enabling the instrument’s keypad and display to remain positioned for unimpaired access. This feature provides greater compatibility with the company’s other products as well as third-party microplate instruments. New 50-microplate storage stacks or the originally designed 30-microplate stacks may be selected to accommodate individual throughput needs. An optional bar code scanner is also available.

(888) 451-5171


Nucleic acid separation system

Qiagen, Valencia, Calif, introduces QIAxcel, an automated system for nucleic acid separation that is designed to take the place of traditional slab-gel analysis. It uses ready-to-go gel cartridges that allow samples to be prepared with minimal hands-on interaction, reducing manual handling errors and avoiding exposure to toxic reagents. The system analyzes up to 96 samples per run; and 12 protocols can be performed in 5 minutes. It is characterized by detecting concentrations of nucleic acids as small as 0.1 ng/µL. Preprogrammed protocols, in combination with corresponding gel cartridges, allow separation and analysis of nucleic acids, such as singleplex or multiplex PCR fragments, DNA digested with restriction endonucleases, synthesized oligonucleotides, total RNA, and complementary RNA. The detection sensitivity of the system’s analyzer facilitates reproducible results, even with low nucleic acid concentrations. With its resolution as low as 3 to 5 bp, the new instrument delivers greater accuracy than slab-gel analysis. The dimensions are 36.2 cm x 38.1 cm x 55.9 cm/23 kg. The instrument is intended to be used only in combination with QIAxcel kits for applications described in the respective handbooks; the kits are intended for research only and are not for use in diagnostic procedures.

(800) 426-8157



Digital slide sharing network

Aperio Technologies, Vista, Calif, introduces SecondSlide, a service for sharing digital slides (whole slide images) from multiple sources. The service provides pathologists with Web-based access to a variety of digital slides, including H&Es, IHCs, frozen sections, pap smears, blood smears, and Gram stains. It is compatible with digital slides created by current slide scanners, and supports digital grossing stations and images captured from cameras mounted on microscopes. Digital slides can be copied to the data center from remotely located slide scanners.

Aperio Technologies
(866) 478-4111


Hospital intranet management

SoftTech Health, New York City, has launched the Link2Intranet module, an extension of its Document Control software for use in hospital laboratories. The module helps facilitate sharing between the lab staff who manage the lab’s policy and procedure documents (P&Ps), and the hospital’s intranet users who need to view them. It extends the reach of this policy management system by making it easy for the lab to simultaneously put selected P&Ps on the intranet. Users will also be able to maintain the SOPs within the base system’s central repository without having to maintain a separate set of documents on the intranet.

SoftTech Health
(877) 995-7483


Versatile gel documentation system

Spectronics Corp, Westbury, NY, has unveiled the DigiCAM™ system, which enables users to acquire, view, transfer, archive, and analyze gel images in a completely digital format. The digital camera output enhances the GeneLine™ ImageAide™ gel analysis software that provides quick analysis of 1D fluorescent gels, autorad films, spot blots, and colony plates. The 12.1-megapixel digital color camera has an auto zoom and a standard UV/IR filter. The USB camera-to-PC connection eliminates the need for installation of a computer interface card for image manipulation. It is compatible with all desktop or laptop PC and Macintosh computers, and offers a direct link with TWAIN acquisition to ImageAide analysis software, which automatically identifies and displays lanes, bands, intensity, quantity, and molecular weight data.

Spectronics Corp
(800) 274-8888


QC connectivity for the clinical laboratory

Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc, Hercules, Calif, launches UnityConnect™, a complete connectivity solution, using Bio-Rad software and optional hardware to interface QC data from instruments, middleware, and LIS’s directly into Unity Real Time™, Unity Desktop™, UnityWeb™, and Unity Real Time™ online to provide QC data processing. It automates the import of QC data, thereby eliminating manual data entry and errors, and also can provide QC results in real time. It facilitates regulatory compliance under CLIA and ISO 15189 by allowing QC data to be easily interfaced directly into any of Bio-Rad’s Unity QC data-management solutions. Unity QC data-management solutions provide statistical process control with available audit trails, QC data review, and comprehensive charts and reports.

Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc
(800) 224-6723

Symyx Notebook

Electronic lab notebook

Symyx Technologies Inc, Santa Clara, Calif, offers Symyx Notebook, a new, enterprise electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) that is configurable to meet the needs of biologists and analytical chemists out of the box. It helps simplify lab operations and lower costs by enabling R&D organizations to replace multiple discipline-specific ELNs with a single, multidiscipline application that is deployable enterprise-wide. Built on an enterprise-scale informatics platform, it consolidates experimental data from multiple domain areas into fully versioned, shareable, and searchable documents controlled by customizable document workflows with secure document versioning, electronic signatures, and audit trails. Features include the full software developer kit that permits rapid creation of custom functionality and extensions, including incorporation of third-party software; searching and browsing enabled via full-text searching of data-entry forms, experiments, embedded files, and annotations; Boolean searching of data-entry forms quickly narrow result sets; improved consistency and streamlined editing of experiments; ability to drag-and-drop files and annotate experimental data and images; single application to deploy and maintain minimizes IT setup while facilitating systems management and integration; new functionality and third-party add-ins automatically downloaded from the server when needed; and Citrix® compatibility, facilitating remote access and enabling operation with Microsoft® Windows®, Mac OS®, and Linux® operating systems. The product uses the company’s Vault document management platform, which supports document browsing and searching; 21CFR11-compliant electronic signatures and audit trails; enterprise-level security; and configurable, flexible document workflows with secure versioning for single- and multisite deployments.

Symyx Technologies Inc
(408) 764-2000


GoatThroat Pump GT300

Can be used with methylene chloride

The GoatThroat Pump GT300, with Viton® seals, from Westcott Distribution Inc, Milford, Conn, is safe for use with more than 700 fluids, including methylene chloride and other difficult solvents. The pump provides a closed system when used on containers ranging in size from 5 gallons to 55 gallons, and releases no fumes or VOCs that might contaminate the surrounding air. One-touch flow control dispenses liquids at a controlled rate to prevent waste, and flow can be continuous or adjusted to dispense liquids at rates up to 4.5 gallons per minute depending on viscosity. The pumps also meet RoHS and FDA food safe requirements.

Westcott Distribution
(646) 486-3636

Traceable Refrigerator/Freezer Plus Thermometer

Monitors readings for extended periods of time

The new Traceable® Refrigerator/Freezer Plus™ thermometer from Control Co, Friendswood, Tex, accurately monitors temperatures in freezers, water baths, heating blocks, incubators, and refrigerators with its enclosed temperature-buffered sensor. The bottle insulates the sensor from rapid temperature changes when the refrigerator door is opened, and the thermometer fulfills all CDC thermometer and vaccine thermometer requirements. A triple display simultaneously shows high, low, and current temperatures. The thermometer monitors high/low readings for extended periods of time. Range is –58°F to 158°F and –50°C to 70°C with a resolution of 0.1° with an accuracy of ±0.5°C. An alarm feature provides an alert when the temperature rises above or falls below a set point.

Control Co
(281) 482-1714


Pocket-sized UV lamp

The MiniMAX™ UV-5G compact lamp from Spectroline, based in Westbury, NY, is useful for laboratory applications including UV sanitizing of disease-causing microorganisms and UV degradation studies. The battery-operated, 5-watt, short-wave (254 nanometers) UV lamp weighs only 11 ounces (312 grams), and it measures just 9 x 21¼4 x 11¼4 inches. It comes with a wrist strap to reduce hand fatigue and fits into pockets for convenient transport. The lamp is powered by four 1.5-volt AA alkaline batteries, which provide up to 6 hours of use. An AC adapter and nylon travel pouch are also included.

(800) 274-8888

EchoTherm HPLC Column Chiller/Heater

Stabilizes column temperatures

The EchoTherm™ HPLC Column Chiller/Heater Model CO50 from Torrey Pines Scientific, San Marcos, Calif, has a temperature range from 4°C to 100°C readable and settable to 0.1°C. The PID temperature-control software regulates temperatures to ±0.2°C, even at ambient. It can be used for stabilizing column temperatures from day to day at or near room temperatures for repeatable results. The unit can hold columns up to 30 cm long x 1¼4 inch or 3¼8 inch wide in provided mounting clips. The unit features an RS232 I/O port for controlling the unit by a chromatograph, programming gradients, and for data collection. Also included are an injection counter, 30-day timer with user settable auto-off, and a chamber drain for spills.

Torrey Pines Scientific Inc
(760) 471-9100

HardyCHROM MRSA Contact Plate

Monitors MRSA on environmental surfaces

The HardyCHROM™ MRSA Contact Plate from Hardy Diagnostics, Santa Maria, Calif, is a chromogenic medium recommended for the selective cultivation of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) from environmental surfaces to aid in the prevention and control of MRSA infections. Each contact plate has a specified grid molded into the bottom of the plate for enumeration of microbial colonies recovered from a variety of surfaces. The contact plate can detect positive results in as little as 16 to 24 hours. It can also be used to determine the effectiveness of various disinfectants and cleaning techniques.

Hardy Diagnostics
(800) 266-2222

Fiber-Lite MI-150 Ringlight System

Fits most stereomicroscopes

Dolan-Jenner Industries, Boxborough, Mass, introduces the Fiber-Lite MI-150 Ringlight System. Intended for lab use, the system features 360° of shadow-free, high-intensity illumination and provides the greatest range of working distance. The system’s ring lights directly fit the most popular OEM-type stereomicroscopes. They are available individually, or they can be purchased as a complete system with the 150-watt, MI-150 light source, which features a lamp life of 200 hours of full intensity and up to 10,000 hours at lower intensities, a noise level less than 25 dB, and a weight of just 9.25 pounds.

Dolan-Jenner Industries
(800) 833-4237


Electrical sterilization

The electrical sterilization system SteriMax, from WLD-TEC, Göttingen, Germany, is ideal for sterilizing inoculation loops, needles, and instruments, and for laboratories and safety cabinets where the use of gases and open flames is not permitted or is unavailable. Sterilizing the inoculation loop simply requires inserting it into the quartz tube. The sterilizing tube, made from wear-resistant quartz glass, reaches its optimal temperature of 900°C (1,650°F) after only a few minutes and sterilizes in about 5 to 7 seconds. The completely stainless steel design makes it resistant to even the most extreme laboratory conditions, and protects the working surface from contamination.

(310) 589-3709


Quickly detects patients’ veins

Carolina Liquid Chemistries, Brea, Calif, introduces the Veintector, appropriate for physician’s offices and laboratories, designed to help solve the problem of searching for a seemingly “invisible” vein in a patient. The battery-powered device has a LED-absorbing hemoglobin property to locate and detect veins more easily than with the naked eye, and uses three different types of wavelengths: red, yellow, and a combination of the two colors. Its movable cover enables use in even the best lighting conditions. The Veintector’s slender shape and tie belt allows for easy handling and operation.

Carolina Liquid Chemistries
(877) 722-8910

Discovery Series

Analytical balances

Ohaus, Pine Brook, NJ, offers the Discovery series of semimicro and analytical balances for applications that require precise measurement. They are available in four analytical models with a FineRange™ model featuring semimicro readability. For added balance, stability, and accuracy, the balances’ glass and steel construction resist the effects of static and corrosion resistance helps extend the product’s life. They also feature a stainless steel weighing platform, an integral weigh-below hook for density or specific gravity determination, an in-use cover, a stability indicator, mechanical and software overload/underload protection, an AC adapter, user-selectable span calibration points, multiple weighing units, user-selectable printing options, and a software lockout menu.

(973) 377-9000



Performs 100+ assays

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, Raritan, NJ, introduces its FDA-approved VITROS® 5600 Integrated System. The system is designed to integrate clinical chemistry and immunoassay testing to increase laboratory productivity, and can perform more than 100 different chemistry, immunoassay, and infectious disease assays. Its sample-centered processing approach accesses each sample independently and in parallel for chemistry and immunoassay testing. This one-tube-in, one-tube-out approach can optimize turnaround time by accounting for variable sample and test mixes, eliminating the need to split the sample on the analyzer or move sample trays between modules. The compact system has no water or drainage requirements.

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics
(800) 828-6316

7-Day Controller

Weeklong lab automation

Control Co, Friendswood, Tex, introduces 24-Hour and Traceable® 7-Day Controller units that combine a controller and an eight-outlet strip in a single package. It is capable of turning on chemical, water, or air pumps as part of a sampling process; warming up instruments at preset times; and automating testing, heating, or mixing. The controller contains both time-controlled and manual outlets; is UL-listed; rated to 15 amps, 1,000 watts at 125 VAC; and comes supplied with a rugged plastic case and a 4-foot cord with a three-pronged, grounded plug. The controller is tested and components are “burned-in” to eliminate the possibility of field failure. A repeat mode allows the same cycle to be programmed each day for 365 days, jumping weekends and any selected days.

Control Co
(281) 482-1714

CPA Series

Lab balances

Sartorius Mechatronics Corp, Edgewood, NY, introduces the new CPA series of lab balances, which feature automatic internal calibration via an integrated calibration weight at the touch of the CAL key. If ambient temperature fluctuates outside of a user-defined range, or after a preprogrammed time interval, the isoCAL function automatically performs internal calibration and adjustments at regular intervals. A bidirectional RS-232C interface port on all models facilitates communication with a PC and lab robotics. The high-contrast, backlit display provides readability under varied lighting conditions, and the micro- and semimicrobalances operate without backlighting. The series consists of 29 models ranging from microbalances to heavy-duty models with a weighing capacity of up to 34 kg. Connected to the company’s data printer or a computer, the balances generate the mandatory documentation for use in a ISO/GLP-compliant quality-management system.

Sartorius Mechatronics
(800) 635-2906, ext 8272


Terminal Brand Broken Glass Keepers

Disposes of nonbiohazardous glass

Safely collect broken glass and other noncontaminated sharp objects and reduce the risk of injury with Terminal Brand Broken Glass Keepers™ from Whitney Products Inc, Niles, Ill. The floor model features sturdy corrugated construction, a thick plastic bag, and the unique Reclose-a/Remove-a-Lid™ with an extrawide opening for large items. The benchtop model is lined with plastic to contain moderate amounts of liquid.

Whitney Products Inc
(800) 338-4237

Bulletin on iTaq Supermixes

Available online

Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc, Hercules, Calif, offers a new bulletin on iTaq™ fast supermixes with ROX, which enable quantitative PCR (qPCR) results. The supermixes are concentrated and ready-to-use reaction mixtures for real-time qPCR on a variety of instruments, including ROX-dependent real-time PCR systems. The bulletin provides quantitative graphical proof of the efficacy of the assays. The bulletin (number 5737) is available from a local Bio-Rad sales office or can be requested online.

Bio-Rad Laboratories
(800) 424-6723

Swab-Rinse Kits

Hygiene monitoring

Sterilin Ltd, Caerphilly, UK, introduces its increased choice of Swab-Rinse Kits used for hygiene monitoring and environmental sampling in pharmaceutical, food hygiene, cosmetics, and biological laboratories. The system samples uneven or irregular surfaces, equipment, and difficult-to-reach sites, and helps monitor food contact surfaces and heavily contaminated surfaces. Kits consist of a labeled screw cap tube with integral swab, filled with a specific volume of rinse solution. The swab tip is automatically pre-moistened in the solution, helping improve the uptake of material to be analyzed. Kits are supplied in a variety of swab lengths and media types.

Sterilin Ltd
+44 (0)844 844 3737

Omnifit T-Series Bottle Caps

Prevents harmful vapors from escaping

Bio-Chem Fluidics, Boonton, NJ, offers the Omnifit® T-Series bottle caps and accessories, which prevent harmful chemicals and solvent vapors from escaping, ensuring a safe solvent delivery system in the laboratory. The bottle caps feature a PTFE inner portion, which offers a high level of chemical compatibility, and an antitwist design, which allows the inner body of the cap to spin freely. This prevents tubes from becoming twisted when the cap is fitted or removed, and eliminates the need to disconnect fluid lines before unscrewing the cap. Standard 1¼8-inch laboratory tubing can simply be pushed through luer ports on the top of the cap, and no fittings are required. Optional integrated check valves and filters are also available.

Bio-Chem Fluidics
(973) 263-3001


Elecsys PSA Assays

Eighteen-minute turnaround time

To help aid in the detection of prostate cancer, Roche Diagnostics, Indianapolis, introduces the Elecsys total PSA and Elecsys free PSA assays to its immunoassay tumor marker menu for the Cobas 6000 analyzer series. The assays include ECL technology for better precision, an 18-minute turnaround time, and a convenient 20 µL sample size. Currently, these assays are also available for use on the Elecsys 2010 system and the Modular Analytics E 170 module.

Roche Diagnostics
(317) 521-2000

Water Testing Program

Determines quality of feed water

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc, Milford, Mass, has introduced the free Thermo Scientific H2O SELECT Water Testing Program. The H2O SELECT program analyzes feed water to generate a customized summary and system recommendation based on the quality of the feed water, the laboratory applications for which it is used, and the daily water demand and budget. An estimated life expectancy of consumables is also included to help project system operation costs. To use the testing kit, simply fill the bottle with a feed water sample, complete the brief form, and send it back to Thermo Scientific for in-depth analysis.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
(800) 678-5599


Complete assay in three incubation steps

Bender MedSystems, Vienna, Austria, has released its IL-17A research ELISA Kits for the quantitative detection of human IL-17A in cell culture supernatants, serum, and plasma (citrate and heparinized). The assay features a range of 1.6 to 100 pg/mL and a sensitivity of 0.5 pg/mL. Following the convenient protocol, samples and biotin conjugate are added in one step. The assay is completed after only three incubation steps, consuming a total of 3 hours of incubation time, and convinces with a small sample volume of only 50 µL.

Bender MedSystems
+43 (1) 796 40 40-100

PAGEmark Prestained Markers

Protein markers

PAGEmark™ MID Prestained Marker from G-Biosciences, St Louis, is a prestained, midrange protein marker for SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) and Western blots. The midrange marker contains six major protein bands ranging from 19.2 to 108 kDa. The proteins are covalently coupled to a blue dye for easy identification and no color fading. The marker is in a ready-to-use format and is enough for 50 loadings. For low, wide, or recombinant protein band ranges, LOW (4.1 to 66 kDa), WIDE (6.5 to 212 kDa), and WIDE Recombinant (15 to 150 kDa) markers are available.

(314) 991-6034

Seeplex Sepsis Test

Analyzes 68 sepsis indicators

The Seeplex® Sepsis Test from Seegene, Rockville, Md, is a single lab test that quickly determines the levels of suspected targets in a patient’s blood sample to better inform the diagnosis and create an opportunity for quickly applying an appropriate treatment to head off the disease. The Seeplex Sepsis Test simultaneously screens for 64 sepsis-causing pathogens: 48 Gram (+) bacteria, 10 Gram (-) bacteria, and six fungi. Additionally, four drug-resistant genes (vanA, vanB, mecA, and blaSHV) can also be discriminated. The Seeplex Sepsis Test requires only 0.4 mL of a patient’s whole blood and provides test results in 5 hours. The Seeplex Sepsis Test is not for diagnostic procedures in the United States and will not be available in the United States pending regulatory approval.

(301) 762-9066

VAP Test

Cholesterol test

The VAP cholesterol test from Atherotech Inc, Birmingham, Ala, helps physicians pinpoint effective risk-lowering treatments for people with a family history or an existing condition of diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease—or who are already taking cholesterol-lowering medication. The cholesterol profile complies with updated National Cholesterol Education Program ATP III recommendations for LDL measurement, and the advanced lipid profile routinely reports all three lipoprotein parameters (LDL, non-HDL, and apoB), considered necessary by the American Diabetes Association and American College of Cardiology expert-consensus guidelines. The test directly measures LDL, which doesn’t require fasting for accurate measurement. The Diabetes and Combined Lipid Therapy Regimen study used the VAP Test to measure the effects of simvastatin alone, fenofibrate alone, and the combination of both on lipid subparticles in 300 patients (randomized) with Type 2 diabetes without existing heart disease. Researchers found that combining statin therapy with a fibrate is an effective way to correct an adverse cardiovascular risk profile in individuals with diabetes and mixed dyslipidemia (elevated LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels combined with decreased levels of HDL cholesterol). The results of the 12-week, single-center, double-blind, placebo-controlled study were recently published in the American Journal of Cardiology.

Atherotech Inc
(877) 901-8510

Extensor Long PCR Enzyme Mix

Long DNA fragment amplification

The Thermo Fisher Scientific Extensor Long PCR Enzyme Mix by Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc, Waltham, Mass, is designed for applications such as cloning and mutagenesis or for the amplification of difficult and GC-rich fragments. The unique blend contains ThermoPrime Taq DNA Polymerase and a proprietary, thermostable proofreading enzyme, which act synergistically to ensure accurate and reliable amplification of DNA templates up to and in excess of 20 kb. The Extensor Enzyme Mix is available with two different buffers: one to optimize the amplification of fragments up to 12 kb and the other for amplicons longer than 12 kb or problematic PCR (such as GC-rich fragments). Each combination is also available preblended in a convenient master mix format to simplify PCR setup. These master mixes can be stored at 4ºC, eliminating the need for freeze/thaw cycles that may reduce the activity of the enzymes.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
(800) 678-5599

AtheNA Multi-Lyte

HSV type-specific multiplex assay

Inverness Medical, Princeton, NJ, has expanded its multiplex test menu with the addition of the AtheNA Multi-Lyte® HSV 1&2 IgG Plus Test System, a HSV type-specific assay for use on the AtheNA Multi-Lyte System. The new assay is intended for the qualitative detection of IgG antibodies to two separate antigens—HSV-1 and HSV-2—in human serum. It uses recombinant Glycoprotein G (gG), a known HSV antigen that binds with type-specific HSV antibodies. The system is multiplexed, fluorescent, and bead-based, using Luminex® xMAP® Technology. It is designed to simultaneously perform multiple assays from a single sample in one well, offering a streamlined alternative to IFA, Immunoblot, and ELISA testing. Intra-Well Calibration Technology® provides a multipoint, patient-specific calibration curve that eliminates drift while ensuring accuracy.

Inverness Medical
(609) 627-8000

Para 5X

Five-part CBC control

The Para 5X whole blood hematology control, manufactured specifically for the ABX Pentra 60C+, 80, and 120, and the Coulter® Ac•T™5 diff instruments, by Streck Inc, Omaha, Neb, now offers closed-vial stability of 190 days; as well as five distinct populations of lymphocytes, monocytes, neutrophils, eosinophils, and basophils; and closely resembles patient samples when run on the assayed analyzers. The extended closed-vial stability allows customers to maintain a quarterly ordering schedule and increase the ILQC peer groups for each instrument on the assay. The assay is available in a 3-mL vial with a pierceable cap. STATS®, a free interlaboratory quality control program, is offered to qualifying Para 5X customers.

Streck Inc
(800) 843-0912

Oral-View Saliva Drugs of Abuse Test

User-friendly, one-step procedure

Alfa Scientific Designs Inc, Poway, Calif, offers the new Oral-View rapid saliva test device for the detection of drugs of abuse. This one-step device provides instant results in as little as 5 minutes. The test can detect up to five drugs simultaneously, including COC, AMP, THC, OPI, and BZD. Oral fluid testing reduces the concern of gender-related observation issues and sample adulteration, and eliminates the need for a collection site. The design of this device ensures adequate sample collection and can be used to send off for LCMS confirmation.

Alfa Scientific Designs
(877) 204-5071