LIS Anatomic Pathology Module
Offers immediate access to a patient’s clinical history
The Orchard Harvest LIS Anatomic Pathology (AP) module is fully integrated into the award-winning Harvest LIS. It provides direct access to cytology, pathology, and clinical laboratory results, including all historical results. The fully integrated system uses a common database, so a single mouse click gives the pathologist immediate access to the patient’s entire clinical history, saving time and streamlining diagnosis. This direct integration and linking provides the tools for the smoother flow of data between the clinical and AP departments. The Harvest LIS AP module is designed to simplify case management. It employs a worksheet screen with templates that can be customized to follow specific laboratory procedures or any standardized protocol. Screen prompts ensure that all required information is included, and shortcuts permit the easy addition of freeform or preformatted text, new procedures, or any number of other important actions. The AP module’s multilevel signout procedures allow cases to be forwarded for review and final approval. The robust rules-based decision-making power in Orchard’s Harvest LIS is available throughout the AP module, and result-evaluation rules customize workflow scenarios to the individual pathologist’s needs. As an example, sendout tests and correlations can be automatically reflex-ordered according to interpretation/results, and rules can be set up to present technical instructions automatically. The Harvest LIS AP module’s image-management tools permit users to link gross and/or microscopic images to the case worksheet and patient report. The software supports a number of common image formats and allows pertinent comments to be associated with each image. With the Harvest LIS AP module, evaluations, correlation/discrepancy studies, and many other management reports can be created without the need for special programming skills. Users may perform searches by specimen, diagnosis, test result, or case number using the system’s powerful data-mining capabilities. The completed reports can be printed on demand or scheduled to print automatically.
Orchard Software
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Automated Imaging Systems
For high-content cellular analysis
The BD Pathway™ 435 is a compact, automated benchtop system that rapidly images cells and tissues in multi-well plates or on microscope slides. A newly designed laser-based auto focus significantly increases image-acquisition speed and overall plate throughput. The system incorporates flexible computer-controlled excitation and emission filters; spinning-disk confocal optics for reduced fluorescence background and 3D imaging; and a long-life, user-friendly metal halide lamp. With updated image-analysis software featuring new tools and wizard-style applications, the BD Pathway 435 confocal bioimager simplifies the process of high-content cellular analysis. The system enables a broad array of fluorescence-based biological applications such as neurite-outgrowth analysis, angiogenesis, protein translocation, colocalization, cell cycle, and 3-D cellular exploration. The BD Pathway 435 is ideal for researchers who need high-speed, high-resolution confocal imaging capabilities coupled with powerful and flexible image analysis. For applications not requiring confocal, the BD Pathway 415 is a cost-efficient alternative to the BD Pathway 435. And the system can be field-upgraded to confocal later if applications require it. The introduction of these new imagers complements the recently updated BD Pathway 855 (formerly BD Pathway and Pathway HT) system, which provides versatile live-cell imaging capabilities, including environmental control, liquid handling, and advanced kinetic-analysis software.
BD Biosciences
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Specimen-Tracking Solution
Provides real-time tracking and courier optimization
Duramark has partnered with inCode Wireless (formerly Peak Technologies) to provide a complete solution for specimen tracking and courier optimization to laboratories, hospitals, and medical centers. By using state-of-the-art handheld and stationary computer devices, couriers and the specimens they transport can be identified, tracked, and coordinated. This system will provide real-time specimen tracking/proof of services, effective vehicle monitoring, driver communication, and routing. Additionally, the system comes with a “help” feature. These items will improve turnaround times by accurately tracking materials moving throughout the laboratory/courier network; lower costs by reducing time, expenses,and errors associated with manual or paper-based processes; and enhance customer service by responding quickly to proof-of-service requests.
Duramark Inc
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For increased power and performance in sanitary applications
Watson-Marlow Bredel has launched the 520 LoadSure® elements range. The combination of the tube element and pumphead design provides pressure performance up to 100 psi, allowing the 520 pump to be used in applications that require the accurate metering, dosing, and transferring of corrosive or sensitive fluids in sanitary environments. Sanitary-process users can now have the functionality of the best-selling 520 pumps with expanded pressure capability. The new 520 LoadSure pump offers flows of 3,500 mL/min at 30 psi to 450 mL/min at 100 psi. The sanitary pump covers a wide range of applications, including low-shear feed for ultrafiltration and diafiltration, chromatography, transfer of viscous media, and high-pressure spray coating of tablets. Validating a sanitary process is made easy with the 520 LoadSure elements. All element-wetted parts are USP Class VI and ISO 10993 certified with a laser-etched lot number. 520 LoadSure elements are supplied with a certificate of conformity, and a validation pack is available upon request. The 520 Series pumps and patented LoadSure elements guarantee correct loading every time, as well as easy 1-minute maintenance with no snaking, twisting, or pinching. Watson-Marlow Bredel pumps contain fluids within the tube at all times, and never allow the fluids to come into contact with the pump mechanism; this ensures gentle, low-shear handling of the fluid. Entrained gas is pumped with ease, and corrosion and damage is restricted to the consumable tubing element. This helps provide predictable life costs for the pump, as the tube is the only part that will need replacing. Every Watson-Marlow Bredel peristaltic pump is an inherent metering pump with repeatability at 99.5%. Many models include integral digital drives and displays in wash-down enclosures. These self-priming pumps accommodate flow rates from 0.1 mL to 350 gpm and are extremely durable, withstanding pressures up to 232 psi. There are no internal universal joints, valves, dead corners, or glands to impede flow; and these pumps are reversible for back-flushing lines. They can also run dry indefinitely without damage and provide up to a 30’ suction lift.
Watson-Marlow Bredel
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Bar Code Labels
For data matrix and 2D bar codes
Designed to meet the growing demand for long-term traceability, the new range of data matrix and 2D bar code labels from Computer Imprintable Label Systems (CILS) offers a convenient and reliable way to include highly durable information on samples and specimens. Able to withstand temperatures from cryogenic storage to autoclave sterilization, the new range of labels has a special surface coating that offers superior print quality for first-time reading, allied with enhanced resistance to chemicals, solvents, and handling. Using Thermal Transfer printing and ECC200 coding, a 4- x 4-mm Data Matrix symbol can hold up to 15 characters’ worth of information and, due to the design of the encoding, can still be read with up to 60% physical damage. CILS offers a wide range of services from blank label supply to preprinting, or a full bureau service providing a fully finished product. CILS can create labels of any size, shape, and color, incorporating logos, illustrations, and text, via its photo-quality digital-printing process.
Computer Imprintable Label Systems LLC
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Reagent Package
For high-volume laboratories
Streck has announced the immediate availability of its new Streck-MiniPack 15L reagent package for high-volume laboratories using AC*T diff analyzers. The Streck-MiniPack 15L contains 15 L of diluent, 500 mL of lysing agent, and a reagent-management card. Streck-Kleen enzymatic cleaner is available separately for the daily removal of protein buildup. The introduction of this product completes the Streck product line for AC*T diff series analyzers. Streck offers the Para 12® hematology control, Cal-Chex calibrator, and CVA for linearity assessment. Customers save by purchasing the complete package through Streck. Streck also offers the Streck-MiniPack (4L) configuration, which contains 4 L of diluent, 250 mL of lysing agent, 250 mL of Streck-Kleen, and a reagent-management card. The 4L MiniPack is designed to fit conveniently into the instrument reagent compartment and is configured for optimal usage and reduced waste.
(800) 843-0912;

Vented Laboratory Microwaves
Redesigned for 2006
Energy Beam Sciences has released its redesigned vented laboratory microwave line. All units feature a high-performance vent system with standard 4-inch output; multiple safety interlock systems, preventing operation in the event of vent obstruction and most operator errors; microwave stirrers (no carousel necessary) for even microwave distribution; air-bubble agitation to eliminate stratification within reagent containers; a stainless-steel or industrial powder-coated exterior; an easy-to-clean, stainless-steel interior with a ceramic floor; and icon-based, “user friendly” controls. For processes that don’t require a high level of temperature control, including special staining, the affordable H2200 effectively helps address regulatory and accreditation issues. The H2850 microwave processor, meanwhile, can hold temperature within ± 0.5ÞC, which is essential for processes like tissue processing, microwave-assisted fixation, decalcification, and EM prep. The vacuum is now available as a factory-installed accessory for problem (thick, fatty, or both) specimens. The units’ reloaded, user-modifiable time and power settings for popular protocol steps store up to 40 presets. A comprehensive selection of ancillary equipment and consumables, including microwave-transparent racks and containers, leakage detectors, and Preserve® (EBS’ formalin-free fixative), is available.
Energy Beam Sciences Inc
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Epidemiology Software
Runs reports in 5 minutes
The SWIN epidemiology module is an epidemiology package available for clinical diagnostic laboratories that complements TREK’s existing Sensititre SWIN software package. The SWIN epidemiology module allows technologists to customize and run comprehensive reports in 5 minutes or less, define duplicate criteria for accurate antibiogram reports, save and modify existing reports, and access and analyze data for workload reports. SWIN software is a user-friendly, one-touch package that streamlines laboratory workflow. It features an intelligent and customizable Expert System to permit appropriate intervention for organisms with unusual resistance patterns. The software package also offers distinct, color-coded identification parameters to allow immediate recalculation of results, which reduces labor and saves costs.
TREK Diagnostic Systems
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High-Content Bioimaging-Certified Reagents
For automated bioimaging and microscopy applications
BD Biosciences has launched a collection of antibody reagents that have been tested and certified for their utility in automated bioimaging (high-content), and microscopy applications. To be Bioimaging Certified, each antibody must pass a number of tests that include exceeding a signal-intensity threshold over background in commonly used cell lines, and must work with widely used fixation and permeabilization methods. They must also localize to the appropriate region within the cell following stimulation. The collection of Bioimaging-Certified reagents include antibodies for research in apoptosis, cell cycle, signal transduction, phosphorylation, cancer, neuroscience, and other areas of biological interest. These monoclonal reagents are optimal for use in high-content applications where reproducibility is essential.
BD Biosciences
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ME+/E+ Microtomes
Precision engineered and ergonomic
Thermo Electron Corp has released Shandon Finesse ME+/E+ Microtomes. These precision engineered and ergonomic instruments are designed to meet the needs of all laboratory staff for quality sectioning of paraffin- or resin-embedded tissues. The new Shandon Finesse + Microtomes are newly designed and precision engineered to offer versatility, increased stability while sectioning, and enhanced productivity to the laboratory. Standard cassettes for regular specimens or the Shandon Super Mega™ cassettes for large specimens can now be used on the same knife holder without the need to switch between specimens. The blade is clamped and fully supported along its entire length on the knife holder to reduce chatter when cutting hard tissues. It provides quality sections, minimizes normal wear and tear to reduce maintenance on the holder, and increases productivity. To address operator safety, the entire top stage of the knife holder moves laterally. There is no need to touch or reclamp the sharp blade during sectioning. The new knife holder comes in a low-profile version or a high-profile version to accommodate low- and high-profile disposable blades for different tissue-sectioning applications. The new Finesse + Microtomes are also designed to offer several ergonomic benefits to the user. The autoload feature greatly reduces repetitive movements by the operator. With a press of the autoload button, the specimen block quickly advances to a preset trim position without turning a wheel. When trimming and sectioning are complete, the operator touches the autoload button to move the specimen head back to the unload position, where the operator may safely change to a fresh block. The light, balanced flywheel is easy to operate. The Finesse E+ model is a precision rotary microtome that provides automated specimen advance with manual cutting, while the ME+ model provides motorized cutting. Both models with accessories are designed to meet IEC 61010-, CSA-, UL-, CE Mark-, and IVDD-compliant specifications.
Thermo Electron
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MIC Plates
For replacing discontinued frozen MIC plates
TREK Diagnostic Systems has released Sensititre® MIC plates, a comparable, immediate solution to the discontinued BD Pasco® products. Sensititre susceptibility plates can be read visually or automatically, and they have a shelf life of 18 to 24 months at room temperature. In addition, Sensititre MIC plates do not require an immediate investment in equipment. A document that lists antimicrobics and in vitro-diagnostic-approved ranges available on Sensititre standard MIC plates is posted on the company’s Web site. Sensititre standard products can be ordered and implemented into a microbiology laboratory’s test procedures at any time. Custom MIC plates can also be designed.
TREK Diagnostic Systems
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CBC and CRP Analyzer
Hybrid instrument offers results within 4 1/2 minutes
This hybrid instrument offers CBC testing for three-part DIFF results along with CRP results within 4 1/2 minutes—both with the use of a single sample draw on whole blood. Microsampling with 10 µL (CBC) or 18 µL (CBC + CRP), comprehensive patient and QC data management, and minimal reagent consumption are just a few of the desirable features that make this analyzer unique. Immediate CRP analysis can help determine a more accurate diagnosis. Pediatricians are able to quickly determine if the patient has a bacterial or viral infection, oncologists are able to determine if the WBC is compromised during chemotherapy with elevated CRP indications, and rheumatologists are able to monitor anti-inflammatory therapy.
Horiba ABX
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Fertility Blood Test
Offers labs a new option for measuring prolactin
Roche Diagnostics has announced the availability of its new Elecsys Prolactin II assay for the in vitro quantitative determination of Prolactin, a hormone produced by the anterior pituitary gland, in human serum and plasma. The enhanced Prolactin II assay provides laboratories with an additional benchmark for macroprolactin recognition by using new antibodies with very low activity against most forms of macroprolactin. The target organ for Prolactin is the mammary gland, the development and differentiation of which is promoted by the hormone. The new Prolactin assay has a low detection limit (less than 1 µIU/mL), a wide measuring range (1 to 10,000 µIU/mL), and excellent precision. (Elecsys 2010 system total: less than or equal to 5%, MODULAR ANALYTICS E170 analyzer total: less than or equal to 2.0%.) The Elecsys Prolactin II assay expands Roche Diagnostics’ fertility/hormone menu, which also includes HCG +â, cortisol, estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, HCG, LH, FSH, DHEA-S, and SHBG. The new Prolactin II assay is available for the Roche Elecsys 1010/2010 and MODULAR ANALYTICS E170 immunoassay analyzers. Roche Diagnostics
(317) 845-2000;

Laboratory-Outreach Module
For remote order entry and result delivery
Orchard Harvest LIS has a Webstation module for laboratory outreach to improve laboratory marketability and reduce errors. Webstation provides users with a single, simple, and cost-efficient outreach solution for remote order entry and result delivery. During remote order entry, the system reviews each order and identifies potential issues; and, if problems exist, it automatically warns the user and generates an ABN. Through Webstation, Harvest LIS’ intelligent routing capability and test-code management simplify remote order entry and eliminate any guesswork by automatically routing the ordered tests to the correct laboratory. When testing is complete, the system gathers patient results from each testing facility and combines them into a single report, which can be conveniently viewed by providers at any time from any Web-enabled PC. Support for PDF patient reports is also integrated into Harvest Webstation. PDF reports look identical to the final reports generated by a Harvest LIS workstation. Webstation provides a Web-based outreach and networking solution that will allow users to place orders; edit patient demographics; print labels, requisitions, and invoices; and view completed results—all from any PC with a Web browser.
Orchard Software
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Flu Test
Uses sandwich immunoassay technology
Inverness Medical, a leading manufacturer of rapid immunodiagnostic devices, has introduced an addition to the Clearview Range. Clearview Exact Influenza A B is a rapid, simple, and accurate test to detect influenza A B viral antigens. The test is an immunochromatographic-membrane assay that uses sandwich immunoassay technology and consists of a dipstick device containing a membrane strip that has separate regions with immobilized influenza A and B-specific monoclonal antibodies and a colored gold conjugate that also consists of specific influenza A and B antibodies. The World Health Organization estimates that influenza causes about 250,000 to 500,000 deaths—and 3 to 5 million cases of severe illness—every year. During annual influenza epidemics, 5% to 15% of the population can suffer upper-respiratory infections. Clearview Exact Influenza A B makes diagnosis and treatment possible in a single patient visit by providing accurate and reliable results in just 15 minutes. This helps facilitate timely clinical management and infection control in hospital laboratories, physician’s offices, and private clinics. Scientifically engineered so that it can be easily performed and interpreted by nonlaboratory personnel, Clearview Exact Influenza A B also reduces the burden on clinical budgets by minimizing administration time and identifying appropriate use of antiviral agents. This reduces the amount of hospital referrals, the use of antibiotics, and the cost of hospital care. By confirming influenza and identifying Type A viruses from Type B infections, Clearview Exact Influenza A B not only helps to contain a potential epidemic in the making, but also maximizes the targeted use of antivirals that work only against Type A while minimizing the risk of exposing patients who do not have influenza to the side effects and costs of antiviral treatment.
Inverness Medical
(609) 627-8000;

Ultra Low LINE Kit
Tests the low end of the linear range of hematology analyzers
The CBC-LINE Ultra Low Range Kit offers a simple, consistent way to establish a hematology instrument’s performance and reportable range at the very low end of the linear range for white blood cell and platelet determinations. Linearity combined with independently verified and documented calibration is used to establish the range of lowest patient values that can be accurately reported. This is a critical measurement in the case of chemotherapy or other therapies that induce thrombocytopenia. Each multilevel kit contains gravimetrically accurate linear dilutions of cell concentrates in a plasma-like diluent. The dilutions are packaged in 3-mL pierceable tubes. An extensive instrument-evaluation report of the results is included at no extra charge with each kit.
R&D Systems
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