Aureon Laboratories Inc, has announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued patent numbers to cover the company’s systems and methods for evaluating the occurrence of any medical condition in a patient where clinical, imaging and molecular data are combined and appraised.

This approach, known as systems pathology, combines several enhanced technologies — image analysis and biomarker evaluation — with clinical data and advanced mathematics to produce a predictive score indicating the likelihood of disease progression.

The initial application of Aureon’s Systems Pathology platform is Prostate Px®+, a laboratory developed test which provides a personalized prediction of prostate cancer progression at the time of diagnosis. Eighty-five percent of patients diagnosed with the disease are initially considered low or intermediate risk.

Of great clinical value, Prostate Px+ helps identify those patients within this large group that are actually at high risk for progression, thus allowing for timely insight prior to a treatment decision. Prostate Px+ also identifies those patients with favorable pathology who may have a more indolent course of disease.
“These patents further protect our intellectual property position and establish the company as a leader in personalized prognostics,” said Dr Vijay Aggarwal, chief executive officer of Aureon Laboratories. “We also believe these patents have wide applicability in the analysis of many other solid tumors.”

Aureon Laboratories is a specialized laboratory dedicated to advancing personalized cancer treatment through predictive pathology.