Sonora Quest Laboratories, an Arizona-based diagnostic laboratory, is now offering its first home screening kits available through their self-order service, My Lab ReQuest.

The new kits allow patients to collect their own samples for either colorectal cancer screenings or measuring hemoglobin A1c (blood sugar) without a healthcare provider’s order, health insurance, or a trip to one of Sonora Quest’s patient service center locations. The kits are mailed directly to patients and returned to Sonora Quest for testing via prepaid envelopes.

“Every day, people face barriers to the health care they need,” says Christina Noble, chief growth officer at Sonora Quest. “Our self-ordered, home test collection kits help remove some of those barriers to these vital tests.”

The InSure ONE home test collection kit is used to detect human hemoglobin from blood found in fecal samples for lower gastrointestinal bleeding, which may be an indicator of colon cancer. The test uses a sample of the toilet water instead of a stool sample for easier at-home collection. Patients must be 45 years or older to order the test. High-risk patients, especially those with other health conditions that may cause blood in the sample, should speak with their health care provider before ordering.

The hemoglobin A1c home test collection kit enables patients to track their blood sugar levels over the past 2-3 months. The kit provides all the tools needed to collect a blood sample from a lanced finger (also referred to as a “finger stick”), which is then processed using A1c, the gold standard for measuring blood sugar levels.  

“By enabling patients to self-order these tests and perform the sample collection in the comfort of their own home, patients who want more control over their health can take proactive steps to assess their health in concert with their health care team,” says Noble.

While health insurance and a healthcare provider’s order are not required for patients to order these tests through Sonora Quest’s My Lab ReQuest, Sonora Quest has worked with several health plans to offer these home test collection kits.

“We understand how vital information is when it comes to health care, and we are determined to ensure everyone has the answers they need,” says Noble. “This latest innovation will help save lives.”