Echelon Diagnostics, Inc., a provider of genomic healthcare AI imaging and big data solutions, has announced a strategic collaboration with Oncocyte Corporation, a molecular diagnostics company with a mission to provide actionable answers at critical decision points across the cancer care continuum.

“EchelonDx was the right partner to help us build the software solution that allows us to scale and launch our proprietary tests worldwide in a manner that ensures the integrity of the information processing and built-in quality control to ensure uniform and accurate testing,” said Doug Ross, MD, PhD, chief scientific officer of Oncocyte. “The team’s knowledge of our industry and technology crossed with expertise in informatics will enable us to provide a seamless clinical informatics solution.”

The companies will work together to develop analytical software that can scale to support the commercial expansion of Oncocyte’s tests and solutions that may help diagnosis and treatment of cancer, leading to improved patient outcomes and reducing the overall cost of care.

“We are excited to contribute our experience in informatics and diagnostic product development to Oncocyte’s vision and unique capabilities to help diagnose and treat cancer,” said John Burke, president and chief scientific officer of Echelon Diagnostics. “This collaboration is another example of our ongoing commitment to providing high-quality data solutions that help improve the human condition.”