HKG epiTherapeutics Limited, a commercial-stage biotech company developing novel tools for the early detection of cancer and promoting healthy aging, has launched a genetic methylation test that evaluates specific genes that offer individuals insights into their genetic profiles and their effects on health and aging.

Developed by a team of scientists under the leadership of Profesor Moshe Szyf, a global pioneer in epigenetics, the new MetaGen Mutations Panel is a simple saliva test that evaluates specific single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) within five crucial genes: AHCY, COMT, MTHFR, MTR, and MTRR, the company says. These genes play a key role in the body’s methylation processes, influencing a wide array of biological functions—from DNA methylation and repair and detoxification—to neurotransmitter synthesis. 

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Consumers who order the MetaGen Mutations Panel will receive a bundle that also includes HKG’s proprietary epiAge test, a biological age test that utilizes a DNA age saliva testing kit to determine your actual body age, which is based on DNA methylation, and HKG’s proprietary epiSmoke test to assess smoke exposure effects.

“The launch of our MetaGen Mutations Panel is a true testament to HKG’s commitment to empowering individuals with detailed health insights, enabling informed decisions about nutrition, lifestyle and health management strategies,” says Szyf, HKG’s Founder and CEO. “Our vision at HKG is to harness the transformative power of epigenetics to improve individual health and wellness. The launch of this new product marks a significant step towards this goal, offering a holistic and scientifically grounded tool for personalized health.”

The MetaGen Mutations Panel is now available for purchase online, shipped directly to customers for easy access to health insights. Upon receipt of a saliva-based DNA sample, HKG’s CAP-CLIA accredited laboratory in Hong Kong processes and analyzes the sample, with results delivered directly via email.

Photo: HKG epiTherapeutics Limited