Owlstone Medical Ltd, Cambridge, UK, recently welcomed former Prime Minister Tony Blair to its headquarters, where he officially opened the company’s new high-volume clinical laboratory.

The company expects that the opening of a new clinical lab with increased capacity will enable it to offer high-quality and high-throughput biomarker services to academics, clinicians, contract research organizations, and pharmaceutical companies to identify novel breath biomarkers for disease diagnostics as well as precision medicine applications, including therapeutic response, patient stratification, and outcome prediction.

The clinical lab also provides volatile organic compound biomarker analysis of breath samples and other biospecimens from the ongoing clinical trials in Owlstone Medical’s own clinical pipeline: early detection of lung cancer (Lucid), colorectal cancer (Intercept), and treatment stratification in asthma (Strata).

Billy Boyle, Owlstone Medical, with former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Billy Boyle, Owlstone Medical, with former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

“Our new high-volume clinical lab follows the successful commercial launch of our biomarker services earlier this year and the announcement of our first clinical and pharma customers,” says Billy Boyle, cofounder and CEO at Owlstone Medical. “Having a state-of-the-art and globally unique capability allows us to increase capacity to handle large service projects as well as support our ongoing clinical trials.”

“I congratulate Owlstone Medical on the opening of its new clinical lab,” said Blair. “It was a pleasure to meet the dedicated staff of this successful, dynamic company, united in their clear vision to save lives. The breath biopsy technology has huge potential to lead to great improvements in healthcare, and I wish the team every success in developing a company that will become a leader in next-generation diagnostics.”

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