Multisample Needle Holders

Fit all common needle units

OSHA-compliant Globe Scientific® multisample needle holders, from Globe Scientific, Paramus, NJ, help eliminate hazards associated with reusable needle holders. Made from unbreakable polypropylene, the needle holders are designed to be used once and discarded, with the needle attached. They can also be used with blood-collection needles with integrated safety shields. The needle holder fits both 13-mm and 16-mm blood-collection tubes and all common needle units. Needles lock securely into threads at the tip of the holder.

Globe Scientific
(201) 599-1400

Plastic Capillary Tubes

Latex free, with color-coded tips

Globe Scientific®, Paramus, NJ, offers 100% plastic capillary tubes that comply with FDA, NIOSH, CDC, and OSHA safety recommendations. The plastic micro-hematocrit capillary tubes are latex free with color-coded tube tips to represent treatment: ammonium heparinized (green), sodium heparinized (red), and untreated (blue). They are packaged in dispenser vials for hygienic purposes and for easy handling. The nontoxic, nondrying wax sealant helps improve sample retention during transport and centrifugation. Also available is a 24-place dual-function tray that holds 24 capillary tubes in the upright position, with a wax center used to seal them.

Globe Scientific
(201) 599-1400

ColorTouch Pink Gloves

Made from polymer-coated latex

Thomas Scientific, Swedesboro, NJ, introduces ColorTouch® pink latex gloves from Microflex®, which deliver medical-grade barrier protection and relaxed comfort for reduced hand fatigue. Made from high-quality, polymer-coated latex, the fully textured gloves slip on easily and grip securely. For every case sold, Microflex will donate $1 to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Thomas Scientific
(800) 345-2100

Sterling Nitrile Gloves

Eliminate exposure to latex

Kimberly-Clark Sterling Nitrile Gloves, from Kimberly-Clark Professional, Roswell, Ga, are latex-free gloves that provide the chemical barrier protection of nitrile and the sensitivity of latex. New packaging provides 50% more gloves in each box, helping to increase storage space by and reduce waste by 39% by weight. The gloves eliminate employee exposure to latex and provide resistance against a wide range of lab chemicals. Gloves are 3.5-mils thick, and their tactile sensitivity allows wearers to easily handle delicate instruments. They are available in sizes extrasmall through extralarge.

Kimberly-Clark Professional
(800) 255-6401

SpectraSan 24

Disinfects in as little as 30 seconds

Based on the patented silver dihydrogen citrate (SDC) molecule, SpectraSan24™ is an EPA-registered, broad-spectrum antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral disinfectant from PURE Biosciences, El Cajon, Calif, that can provide up to 24-hour residual effectiveness. It kills most dangerous pathogens, including influenza A (H1N1), MRSA, HIV, and a host of other household germs—many within 30 seconds. The disinfectant is nontoxic, odorless, noncorrosive, and nonflammable. The ionic silver in SDC prevents bacteria from forming resistance to the disinfectant.

PURE Biosciences
(619) 596-8600

BioClave Benchtop Autoclave

Push-button, automatic operation

SKS Science Products, Watervliet, NY, introduces its new BioClave™ benchtop autoclave and its mini-benchtop autoclave for the laboratory. Both models are extremely compact and fit easily into most labs. Large sterilization chambers accommodate a variety of liquids, media, instruments, glassware, plasticware, and other common lab items. Autoclaves feature fully automatic operation, with all segments of the sterilization cycle completed by simply pressing the “Start” button.

SKS Science Products
(518) 880-6980

Microflex Dura Flock

Flock-lined disposable gloves

Thomas Scientific, Swedesboro, NJ, now offers Microflex Dura Flock™, the company’s first flock-lined disposable gloves designed with a thin layer of fine cotton to absorb moisture and help keep hands dry. The nitrile gloves are 8-mil thick—a full 25% thicker than standard disposable gloves—and are 100% latex free. Fully textured for a firm grip, the gloves also help reduce hand fatigue.

Thomas Scientific
(800) 345-2100

Kimtech Science Benchtop Protection

With fluid barrier polyethylene backing

The Kimtech Science benchtop protector from Kimberly-Clark Professional, Roswell, Ga, features a polyethylene backing that creates an effective fluid barrier while providing excellent slip resistance on a flat, stable surface. The benchtop protector resists harsh chemicals, quickly absorbs spills, and retains its strength when wet. It remains flat even after drying, and it is ideal for experiments involving harsh chemicals or delicate glassware. It is available in 18- x 19.5-inch sheets and in a 250-foot roll that allows users to cut as much as they need.

Kimberly-Clark Professional
(800) 255-6401

Thermo Scientific Microm HM550 Cryostat

Cold disinfection

Patented cold disinfection technology is now standard with the Thermo Scientific Microm HM550 Cryostat series, from Thermo Fisher Scientific, Runcorn, UK. The cold disinfection instantly disinfects the entire cold cryo-chamber in just 3 minutes, and is certified to work against aerobic bacteria and fungi. The new disinfection process is faster than existing methods, and the Microm HM550 Cryostat can be used immediately after the disinfection cycle is complete, enabling a higher throughput.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
+ 44 (0) 800 018 9396

Sport Bifocal Safety Glasses

With and without magnification

Vision USA, Cherry Hill, NJ, carries a line of sport bifocal safety glasses in a variety of magnifications from +1.0 to +4.0. Available colors and styles include infrared green, dark green, curing orange, smoked, and clear glass. All glasses contain soft rubber noses, ear pads, and vents between the lenses and the frame for added comfort. A large bifocal insert reduces eyestrain, and the lenses are antiscratch coated. Also, all styles are available without magnification. All glasses comply with ANSI Z87.1 2003 requirements for high impact.

Vision USA
(800) 257-5782

Low-Density Color-Coded Poly Liners

Printed warnings identify hazardous contents

Low-density color-coded poly liners, from Associated Bag Co, Milwaukee, feature a strong bottom seal and come in bold colors, either gusseted or flat with printed warnings to identify hazardous or contaminated contents. Several message options are available. The liners are free of heavy metals and safe for landfill or incineration, according to CONEG (Coalition of Northeastern Governors) legislation regarding the use of heavy metals in packaging. Contact the company for details about producing liners with metallocene.

Associated Bag Co
(800) 926-6100

Amber Poly Bags

UV-protected bags

Associated Bag Co, Milwaukee, offers amber poly bags that provide UV protection for light-sensitive items and medications. A flat poly bag easily slips over a 1-L IV unit to protect against dirt, moisture, and other contaminants. Made zipper style with side-seal construction, the bags come plain or with a Write-on® block. All bags meet requirements of US Pharmacopoeia, Revision 33 regarding protection against light transmission. Custom printing options are also available.

Associated Bag Co
(800) 926-6100

Adjust SlatWall and UpRight System

Adjustable workstations

Accuposture Systems, Bloomfield, Conn, introduces its new adjustable workstations. The Adjus® SlatWall and UpRight System is constructed of 100% recycled aluminum and can be used in a wide variety of workspaces. The system is comprised of two components—the SlatWall and the UpRights—and easily and securely clamps onto any existing work surface without the need to drill holes. The vertical UpRights support accessories such as tool balancers, tool and cup holders, and monitor mounts. The SlatWall can serve as a slat wall, pegboard, and bin rail; it can accommodate any slat wall and pegboard accessories, as well as hanging and stackable storage bins.

(860) 761-9592

Biohazard Pipet Keeper

Sturdy and disposable

The Biohazard Pipet Keeper™ by Whitney Products Inc, Niles, Ill, is used to collect contaminated pipets, swabs, and other long objects up to 15 inches in length right at your workstation. Terminal® Brand Pipet Keepers are made of sturdy paperboard printed with orange biohazard symbols. They are lined with plastic to avoid soak-through, and are designed with webbed corners to hold moderate amounts of liquid. Priced lower than plastic containers, they are disposable, which makes it easier to maintain tough lab safety standards. An interlocking top with reclosable flaps makes them easy to use by either right- or left-handed personnel. The Pipet Keepers are shipped flat for efficient storage and can be folded together for use.

Whitney Products Inc
(800) 338-4237

m.u.t MK2 Sorter

Safely processes samples

LPG Consulting Inc, Wood River, Ill, offers the m.u.t MK2 sorter, a stand-alone system for the safe processing of samples that eliminates mislabeling errors associated with sample reception. It auto-receives samples into LIS systems, and auto-sorts for delivery to various lab areas. Sample tubes can be poured directly into their hopper, which can save time spent racking samples. It can sort up to 2,000 tubes per hour, and it is capable of accommodating 12 bar code types. The sorter also does not require any special electrical connection or a compressor; it simply plugs into standard wall outlets.

LGP Consulting Inc
(877) 251-9246


Benchtop decapper

Pluggo by LGP Consulting, Wood River, Ill, is a benchtop safety device for the automatic decapping of original vacuum sample collection tubes. The standard Pluggo occupies only 16 x 10 inches of counter space. The device protects the fingers, hands, and wrists from the aches and the potential repetitive stress injuries associated with decapping. The Plexiglas hood is small and is incorporated in the system’s operation while it protects you from exposure to aerosols. It accommodates all standard vacuum collection tube sizes, from 12 mm to 16 mm in diameter and 75 mm to 100 mm in height, and simultaneously accommodates rubber and plastic caps, and glass or plastic tubes.

LGP Consulting Inc
(877) 251-9246

Broken Glass Bench-Top Keepers

Collect nonbiohazardous glass

Safely collect broken glass and other noncontaminated sharp objects, and reduce the risk of injury from nonbiohazardous glass, with Terminal® brand Broken Glass Bench-Top Keepers™ from Whitney Products Inc, Niles, Ill. Made from sturdy paperboard, Broken Glass Bench-Top Keepers are lined with plastic to contain moderate amounts of liquid. The containers store flat, saving space, and can fold together for use.

Whitney Products Inc
(800) 338-4237

Eyewash/Facewash Stations

Available in multiple types

Eyewash/facewash stations offered by Encon® Safety Products, Houston, are available in multiple types to suit available space. The Swing Away™ eyewash, available in two sizes and for right- or left-handed use, is mounted 10.2 cm above the countertop. It swivels into position over a sink, where its self-adjusting regulator provides water at a flow rate of 9.1 L per minute. Saf-T-Lok™ eyewash models have horizontal or vertical valves and stainless steel push plates for use from the right or left; they swivel over the sink and lock into place. Models with facewash capabilities provide flows of 30.3 L per minute using self-adjusting regulators. All models include clear actuation graphics.

Encon Safety Products
(800) 283-6266

Wraparound Face Shields

Latex free

Face-Saver plastic wraparound face shields are available in an extralong, extrawide size. They are optically clear and impervious to fluids but remain comfortable due to the Cool Vent Air Flow system. A soft cushion allows space for eyeglasses or goggles to be worn under the shield and provides a custom fit. The Accommodator headband adjusts automatically to compensate for various hairstyles and head sizes. The disposable, economical shields weigh less than 28 g and are latex free. They meet or exceed US Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards.

K Medical
(800) 478-5633

Protective Lab Clothing

Can be autoclaved

The Protection Plus® line of breathable protective clothing, made by DenLine Uniforms, Quincy, Ill, includes a lab coat and lab jacket designed for use in blood collection, blood banking, anatomic pathology, and clinical laboratory settings. The garments have been tested for splash and spray resistance through 225 commercial hot-water launderings. Hot water can be used (without bleach) to disinfect, but garments can also be autoclaved. The clothing meets the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendations for processing and disinfection of medical linen. The clothing also features tapered sleeves with spun woven polyester cuffs to prevent sleeves from catching on objects.

DenLine Uniforms Inc
(800) 336-5463