University Hospitals (UH) Seidman Cancer Center has selected Cleveland-based GenomOncology’s Precision Decision and GO Connect solutions to help scale their precision oncology program. The proprietary platform streamlines a complicated process in order to help both patients and doctors.

As a national leader in cancer research and patient care, UH follows recommended best practices of providing patients with options of enrolling in clinical trials, or utilizing a novel therapy, as potential treatment options. However, as the precision oncology industry continues to evolve, the number of options for clinical treatments continues to increase, making it difficult for a clinician to know all available treatment options for patients.

In order to streamline the matching of patients to the ever-growing number of clinical trials and therapies, UH needed access to all curated biomarker-based and institutional non-biomarker clinical trials. UH also needed a solution that provided the capability to identify cohorts of patients within their institution eligible for clinical trials and novel therapies, as well as the ability to perform feasibility analysis for opening new clinical trials across all UH Seidman Cancer Center wholly owned locations.

UH partnered with GenomOncology to automate this patient analysis and treatment matching process within their institution. By utilizing GenomOncology’s Precision Decision and GO Connect solutions, UH can effectively and efficiently match patients to therapies, as well as relevant, open clinical trials, curated through the GenomOncology’s in-house curation team and partnerships with leading content institutions.

UH will use GenomOncology’s GO Connect solution to ingest data from UH’s clinical data warehouse and clinical trial matching system, and transform that data into usable information available within GenomOncology’s Precision Decision product. By utilizing the Precision Decision interface, UH will have the ability to identify and interact with all therapies and curated clinical trials in a single dashboard. This dashboard gives users the option to search for patients at their institution who could be eligible to enroll in open clinical trials, as well as those that may qualify for a newly approved therapy. The solution also enables the UH team to examine their internal database of patients’ clinical and molecular profiles to determine the feasibility of opening new clinical trials.

“We are excited about our partnership with UH Seidman Cancer Center, and the opportunity to provide market-leading precision oncology data enablement and decision support solutions to the Northeast Ohio community,” says GenomOncology’s Brad Wertz, chief executive officer. “Our Precision Decision product is designed to significantly improve clinical trial accrual rates and potential patient treatment options by reducing the overall cost and effort associated with diving deeper into your global patient population.”

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