Cue Health, a healthcare technology company that puts diagnostic information at the center of care, announced the nationwide launch of Cue Care, its same-day, at-home, test-to-treatment solution.

Any U.S. patients who test positive using Cue’s COVID-19 tests can now use the Cue Health App to:

  1. Consult virtually and on-demand with a healthcare professional about their test result; 
  2. Obtain an e-prescription – if medically indicated – for a medication to treat the virus; and
  3. Get the medication delivered – usually within hours* – conveniently and safely at home or the medication will be made available for pickup at their local pharmacy.

Cue Health anticipates expanding this new service to patients who test positive on any COVID-19 test, including at-home antigen tests. The Cue Care antiviral delivery service includes a televisit with a healthcare professional and delivery of a medication, the cost of which is currently covered by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). 

“Early diagnosis and treatment have shown to lead to better health outcomes, which is why we’re proud to deliver timely testing and treatment all within the Cue Health App,” says Ayub Khattak, Chairman and CEO of Cue Health. “Cue Care meets the need today for convenient delivery of COVID-19 treatment, and this capability will support our expanding pipeline of future diagnostics tests.”

Current & Future Testing Capabilities

While Cue Care is for COVID-19 patients today, it is expected to apply to a wide range of diagnostic tests in Cue’s pipeline, particularly those for which specific treatments are available.

For example, if an individual tests positive for flu, they will be able to use Cue Care to connect with a healthcare professional and, if eligible, get an antiviral for flu delivered to them on the same day, all within the Cue Health App. Cue Care is expected to handle other respiratory infections, such as strep throat and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), as well as sexually transmitted infections, such as chlamydia and gonorrhea.

Cue can deliver results in 20 minutes to connected mobile devices. It detects all known COVID-19 variants of concern in people with or without symptoms. Cue is used in homes, in point-of-care settings, and by world-class organizations across the country, including Johns Hopkins Medicine, Mayo Clinic, Google, the National Basketball Association, and Major League Baseball, among many others.

* Antiviral medications prescribed by independent healthcare professionals through Cue Care are subject to availability and patient eligibility. Cue Health Inc. is not affiliated with any pharmaceutical manufacturer.