Innova Medical Group, a global health screening and diagnostic provider and manufacturer of COVID rapid tests, formed a strategic partnership with Attomarker, a nanophotonic biochemical testing company, to expedite immunity testing for COVID and other diseases globally.

Attomarker’s CE marked and UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) accredited rapid COVID Antibody Immunity Test assesses an individual’s antibody levels and estimates when they will likely be on the edge of immunity; providing insight for patients and public health officials to better inform the timing of vaccine shots and other protective measures.

The device measures an individual’s immune response to a COVID vaccination, booster, infection, or a combination of the immune triggers, and is currently available in clinics in the U.K. and the Caribbean.

As part of the partnership, Innova Medical Group made a minority investment in Attomarker and will become an official distributor of its products. Innova aims to help stimulate the development of Attomarker’s multiplexed platform technology to achieve advances in rapid point-of-care diagnostics and personalized medicine.

“We are excited about working with the Attomarker team to help them accelerate growth,” says Daniel Elliott, CEO of Innova Medical Group. “Adding a much-needed immunity test into Innova’s COVID rapid test portfolio strengthens the pandemic management solution we offer to our global customers.”

Attomarker’s immunity testing technology measures multiple biomarkers in blood and saliva to provide a personal profile for up to 20 tests in seven minutes. Forthcoming tests include biomarkers for liver health, food allergies, and fertility.

“Attomarker’s technology has the potential to change healthcare diagnosis and treatment with a portfolio of near-patient rapid diagnostics that would lead to more effective clinical intervention,” says Todd Malan, MD, chief medical officer of Innova. “Most immediately, as protection from previous COVID infections and vaccinations decline and boosters continue to roll out, Attomarker’s science-based COVID-19 Antibody Immunity Test will be a valuable tool for individuals to make science based personalized healthcare decisions.”

Professor Andrew Shaw, CEO and founder of Attomarker said, “This strategic alliance with Innova delivers a big boost to the Attomarker vision to a truly global perspective. We look forward to bringing more rapid solutions to help clinicians optimize interventions and enable people to take greater control over their own health.” 

Featured image: Healthcare professional uses Attomarker Antibody Immunity Test in clinic. Attomarker’s immunity testing technology measures multiple biomarkers in blood and saliva to provide a personal profile for up to 20 different tests in seven minutes. Photo: Innova Medical Group