Innovative Care has expanded their COVID-19 testing clinics to offer a full range of respiratory health testing and treatment.

Its clinics—which are based in Chicago—will now provide a thorough respiratory health exam when patients visit its facilities. Medical providers will test for flu, COVID-19, and even strep throat or mononucleosis if appropriate.

“Consider Innovative Care a one-stop shop for cold and flu season,” says Rahul Khare, CEO and founder of Innovative Care. “We will do more than just test, treat, and vaccinate you for COVID. We will find out if you have an ear infection, strep throat or another common illness, and then treat you for those, so you can get on the mend sooner.”

The evaluation, expanded testing, and treatment options are designed to save patients time and avoid the need for multiple clinic visits.

“Healthcare providers must evolve as we approach the two year mark in this pandemic. Patients deserve time-saving, convenient healthcare options. Why would you want to test for only one possible cause of your symptoms? The upcoming winter months will bring a flurry of flu activity and other viruses, too. We will help you get answers so you can get back home to rest,” says Khare.

Patients who are symptomatic and turn to Innovative Care for COVID-19 testing will now benefit from having their ears, nose, throat and lungs checked during the visit. The evaluation will allow providers to determine what testing, in addition to a COVID-19 swab, is necessary.

Innovative Care has two dedicated COVID-19, cold and flu clinics based in Chicago.