Aardvark Mobile Health, a provider of patented state-of-the-art Mobile Health Clinics+, is supporting President Biden’s efforts to address testing shortages in New York City by sending dozens of its staff, testing trucks, and other equipment immediately. Each Mobile Health Clinic+ can test up to 900 people a day, and has the ability to have an onsite lab for faster results.

“We are ready to support New Yorkers by sending a fleet of vehicles to each of the five boroughs to ensure people can get tested as quickly as possible,” says Larry Borden, founder & CEO of Aardvark Mobile Health. “Beyond testing, our Mobile Health Clinics can also be transformed to provide COVID-19 vaccinations—including boosters. We are in the midst of an emergency. President Biden has put the call out, and Aardvark Mobile Health is responding.” 

In partnership with federal, state, and local officials, the Mobile Health Clinics+ will begin testing people across the city immediately, expanding the number of people who can be tested at both new and existing sites, as part of President Biden’s plan to increase testing capacity. For more than 18 months, Aardvark Mobile Health Clinics+ says it has been testing, vaccinating, and serving the health needs of communities across the country.

Aardvark’s Mobile Health Clinics+ were built with input and guidance from healthcare providers, prioritizing both patient and caregiver safety and experience. Each Mobile Health Clinic+ sets up in under 15 minutes and is heated and air conditioned, completely self-contained, easily sterilized, and equipped with both positive and negative air pressure. Also, for health care providers and health organizations that are unable to operate a Mobile Health Clinic+ on their own, Aardvark provides a logistical package that includes an experienced driver, site selection assistance, maintenance, and logistics management. Aardvark says it is committed to ensuring that one day every community has their own Mobile Health Clinic+, just like they have police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances.

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Featured Image: Aardvark Mobile Health is deploying dozens of its patented state-of-the-art Mobile Health Clinics to help address New York City’s COVID-19 testing crisis. Each mobile clinic can test up to 900 people per day. Photo: Aardvark Mobile Health