productThe new Amplicor HIV-1 Monitor version 1.5 now provides better coverage of HIV viral subtypes.
     This test can measure HIV-1 RNA over the range of 50-750,000 copies per milliliter and detect Group M subtypes A-G of the virus, and is FDA-approved to measure HIV-1 RNA down to 50 copies per milliliter. With the prevalence of non-B subtypes increasing worldwide, the ability of a test to detect and quantify these diverse subtypes is crucial in HIV patient care.
     Measuring viral load level is an important part of assessing a patient’s disease prognosis and response to drug therapy, enabling more informed treatment choices. Studies indicate that lowering plasma HIV RNA below 50 copies per milliliter is a strong indicator of viral suppression.
     This test is based on PCR technology and has 100 percent sensitivity.
Keywords: molecular diagnostics, infectious disease