productRapid, real-time results for the detection of West Nile Virus can now be obtained with the NucliSens Basic Kit and the new NucliSens EasyQ System. The simple test combines this company’s proprietary nucleic acid sequence based amplification technology (NASBA) with molecular beacon probe detection in the EasyQ System, giving laboratories a real-time test for the West Nile Virus.
     NASBA technology has been cited by the CDC as one of the diagnostic methods that may be used to confirm West Nile Virus. The Basic Kit’s West Nile Virus application was developed in collaboration with the CDC in 2000. The new real-time NASBA application offers faster detection of the virus.
     NASBA technology can selectively amplify RNA sequences in a DNA background, making it ideal for detecting RNA targets, confirming viral replication, and measuring gene expression. In the EasyQ System, newly generated RNA molecules from NASBA are hybridized to molecular beacons and detected real-time by continuous monitoring of fluorescence with the NucliSens Analyzer. The EasyQ System can amplify and simultaneously detect up to 48 samples in as little as one hour.
Keywords: infectious disease, molecular diagnostics