The Evolve product line from Phononic, Durham, NC, has officially launched with the introduction of a 1.8-cubic-foot benchtop refrigerator utilizing the company’s Silvercore technology, a solid-state system that actively moves particles of heat, known as phonons. Units support WiFi-enabled temperature monitoring and logging and can send alarm notifications to mobile devices and the Web to prevent inventory loss. Health Care Logistics, Circleville, Ohio, has entered into a preorder arrangement with Phononic that secures a significant share of the large-scale production launch of the benchtop refrigerator. According to the company, independent monitoring of the Evolve benchtop refrigerator shows precise, stable, and uniform temperature settings between 2ºC and 8ºC, without hot or cold spots, despite numerous door openings and closings every hour. For more information, visit Phononic.