CFG-TX-1000 whiteA new centrifuge line from Thermo Scientific enables researchers to save time and space, accommodating more spin samples while shrinking the footprint by nearly a quarter compared to refrigerated benchtop models. The general purpose product line is intended for a range of applications in the clinical and life sciences, including proteomics, pharmaceuticals, stem cell, food safety, microbiology, and genomics.

The TX-1000 rotor accommodates a 4-liter capacity in a 3-liter footprint, holding up to 40 50-mL conical tubes, 196 blood tubes, or 24 microplates. Coating helps prevent corrosion and the large bucket design is compatible with both tubes and microplates. The MicroClick 30 x 2 provides 30-place capacity for 1.5/2.0 mL microtube and nucleic acid spin columns in molecular biology settings, while a ClickSeal biocontainment lid makes contents readily accessible.

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