Tecan Group, Männedorf, Switzerland, has launched a new generation of 10 ?l disposable liquid handling tips to improve labware access on Fluent and Freedom EVO workstations, and to offer more options for on-deck tip storage. The redesigned, 10 ?l tips are 3.6 mm longer and have been developed to improve access to polymerase chain reaction plates and common 384-well microplate formats, helping to minimize dead volumes and waste of samples and reagents. Suited for genomic and other applications requiring high throughput and accurate low-volume pipetting, the tips are available in both Tecan Pure and Tecan Sterile purity levels, with a choice of both filtered and non-filtered options. The tips are available in both standard trays and SLAS formats, offering users more choice in terms of deck set-up and storage options, and nested options, maximizing on-deck capacities and walkaway times. For more information, visit Tecan Group.