Gilson Inc, Middletown, Wis, has redesigned and expanded its Pipetman M series of single- and multichannel electronic pipettes. The pipettes now include a programmable custom mode, and meet performance specifications for the repetitive pipetting mode specified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard for piston pipettes (ISO 8655-2:2002), including recommendations to ensure reliable performance from the first to the last aliquot. An intuitive interface, with just two buttons, allows users to reach five available modes: standard pipet, repetitive, mix, reverse, and custom mode. Aiming to minimize stress injuries, the new personalized pipetting mode permits users to create their own automatic multistep pipetting protocols. The product line includes eight single-channel options (from 0.5 ?L to 10 mL) and 12 multichannel options (from 0.5 ?L to 1200 mL) for precise volume selection. For more information, visit Gilson.