A new line of InMotion autosamplers for titrators, density meters, and refractometers has been designed to increase lab productivity while minimally impacting benchspace. The Mettler Toledo Flex and Pro series offer professional automation with a 42-cm wide rack, while the Max series can manage up to 300 samples in a 57-cm wide rack. Modular boards slide into the base and magnetic locking pumps stack adjacent to the towers to add peripherals and pumps without taking up extra space.

Additional features provide maximum flexibility for customized workflows. A PowerShower rinse system and set of conditioning steps clean tubes to prevent sample carryover. The T90 Excellence Titrator allows for simultaneous titrations, while a CoverUp function protects operators from noxious solvents and shields volatile reagents from evaporation. LED status lights enable monitoring from across the lab.

The SmartSample RFID workflow also helps prevent transcription and ordering errors with an Excellence Analytical Balance that identifies and weighs samples. LabX and SmartCodes software permit analysis of different samples using different methods in a single click for secure and efficient titrations.

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