The Claristep filtration system from Sartorius AG, Göttingen, Germany, consists of a station and filter units that offer a novel way of clarifying samples prior to analysis. The station consists of a base, a lid, and an exchangeable tray for easy and accurate positioning of sample vials and Claristep filter units. The patent-pending design features unique grooves in the station’s lid and matching guide ridges on Claristep filter units to enable intuitively correct alignment and convenient handling of the system. The grooves automatically guide the filter unit caps into the correct positions for simultaneous and accurate cap closure. The system enables up to eight samples to be simultaneously filtered without needing any power supply or a vacuum or pressure source. Single-use Claristep filter units with RC membranes are designed for sample volumes of 60 ?L to 600 ?L; their holdup volume is less than 30 ?L. The units have been optimized for solvents and aqueous solutions, and provide maximum chemical compatibility as well as low nonspecific binding of analytes. Filtrates are collected in any 12 × 32 mm outer diameter vials of the user’s choice based on the analytical method to be performed. For more information, visit Sartorius.