The Macs Pick-Up Point from Miltenyi Biotec, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany, aims to provide a convenient and efficient logistics solution for ordering, delivery, purchase, and invoicing of the company’s Macs reagent products. Composed of an intelligent refrigerator with temperatures of 2–8 °C, the automatic inventory management system is set up directly in the lab. To remove a product from stock, authorized users use a personalized access card, which is provided with a unique card number and has the name, department, and cost center number for invoicing purposes saved on it invisibly. The product is not considered officially sold until 15 minutes after its removal, therefore it is possible to exchange the product, in the case of a mistake in selection, for the correct one. Information on the current stock level of the products is accessible to the customer 24/7 on a Web portal, and products are automatically sent out, free of charge, to replenish inventory levels. Invoicing occurs automatically every 2 weeks; the customer is invoiced for the consumed reagents, and a detailed list of the products taken is attached. For more information, visit Miltenyi Biotec.