The Purair Advanced P20 ductless fume hood from Air Science, Fort Myers, Fla, provides operator protection when using hazardous substances. All mechanisms in the unit’s head section are on the clean side of the filter, thus preventing contamination. Switches and electrical components are isolated from dirty airflow and away from any contamination. An alarm alerts the operator when the airflow falls to an unacceptable level, and the work area has a removable spillage tray. Optional integral lighting is available. The unit measures 49 inches x 27.5 inches x 47.5 inches. Other sizes are available up to 96 inches wide. The main filter can be chosen from 14 different types of carbon, which include specialty media for vapors of acids, formaldehyde, organics, mercury, and solvents. High-efficiency particulate arrestance filters for particulate filtration are also available. In addition, the Purair can be equipped with a secondary back-up filter for added protection. For more information, visit Air Science.