Computype - Flex TVFComputype Inc, St Paul, Minn, in partnership with Nautilus Systems, Phoenix, introduces the Flexible Tube and Vial Feeder (Flex TVF), a system for automatic downstream feeding of tubes and vials.

The system separates tubes or vials from a bulk hopper and feeds them into an automated labeling device, ensuring each piece exiting the system is feeding in the correct orientation.

With a changeover of one mechanical component and a few settings, the system adjusts to accommodate tubes and vials from 6mm to 14mm in diameter, and up to 96mm long. The system can eliminate the need for manual operation with its high feed rate (up to 40 parts per minute) and use of a bulk storage hopper. It also includes technology requiring no vibratory element and creating virtually no noise.

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[source: Computype]