Flexicon PF6 and PF22 benchtop peristaltic fillers from Flexicon Liquid Filling, Ringsted, Denmark, are designed for small batch filling in clinical trials, contract filling, and diagnostics applications. Batch setup is achieved in 1 minute, with fill volumes from 0.2 mL to 5 L and precise ±0.5 dosing accuracy. Offering a contamination-free single-use flow path, the peristaltic technology simplifies cleaning validation and enhances the integrity of high purity fill and finish applications. The closed fluid path removes the risk of cross contamination, making the PF6 ideal for a production environment where many types of liquids need to be filled in various batch sizes. The fillers can be used as standalone units for manual filling, or can be used with an automatic bottle handling system for larger batch production. For more information, visit Flexicon Liquid Filling.