Mini Dialysis System

For small sample volumes

The Tube-O-DIALYZER™ mini dialysis system for small sample volumes (20 µL to 2.5 mL) from G-Biosciences, Maryland Heights, Mo, ensures 100% sample recovery, even if precipitation occurs. Its patented tube design permits easy sample handling and manipulation, without the use of specialized loading devices, costly syringes, or hazardous needles. Simply pipette your sample into the Tube-O-DIALYZER and seal with the dialysis cap. Dialyze, then centrifuge for 5 seconds to collect 100% of your sample. For storage of the dialyzed sample, replace the dialysis cap with the supplied storage cap.

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Blood-Collection System

Perform vacuum or gentle aspiration blood collection

Sarstedt Inc, Newton, NC, offers its S-Monovette® multiple-sampling blood-collection system. The S-Monovette requires fewer components and steps than many conventional blood-collection systems and generates less waste. Users can manipulate each S-Monovette tube to perform either a vacuum or a gentle aspiration blood collection, eliminating syringes, hypodermic needles, transfer devices, and transfer steps. The corresponding one-piece safety needle has a small integral holder, so no assembly is required prior to use. It takes up to 80% less space in a sharps container than a standard needle and vacuum tube holder assembly, reducing container requirements and disposal.

Sarstedt Inc
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Cryogenic Tubes

Cryogenic storage and transport of biological specimens

CryoClear™ tubes from Globe Scientific Inc, Paramus, NJ, are designed for the cryogenic storage and transport of biological specimens at temperatures as low as -196°C. CryoClear cryogenic tubes use the latest in molding technology where the cap and o-ring are co-molded together, eliminating the potential for contamination that may occur with tubes that use separate o-rings, and providing a pure and leak-resistant tube. Each lot is certified by an independent laboratory to be free of human DNA, Dnase, Rnase, pyrogen, and ATP. The tubes are manufactured, assembled, and packaged in a Class 7 (Class 10,000) cleanroom in accordance with FDA, GMP, and ISO quality guidelines. Each tube is printed with a bar code for automated data collection, accurate sample inventory, and to hide the identity of the sample.

Globe Scientific Inc
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Disposable Culture Tubes

Offered in standard sizes

Kimble Chase LLC, Vineland, NJ, disposable culture tubes (DCTs) are suitable for applications such as blood typing, hematology, and many other clinical laboratory requirements. Kimble Chase DCTs are offered in standard sizes ranging from 6 mm to 25 mm in diameter and up to 150 mm in length. Standard options include arsenic-free soda lime and borosilicate glass, color-coded, ceramic marking labels, prelabeled blood types, and screw-top designs for tissue culture work. They are made in accordance with strict ISO-9001 manufacturing guidelines and ASTM product specifications.

Kimble Chase LLC
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Low Retention Tips

Unique polymer technology

VistaLab Technologies Inc, Brewster, NY, has expanded the tip offering for its Ovation and MLA product lines with additional products that include a treatment that makes pipette tips extremely liquid repellent. While not always visible, many standard pipette tips have properties that cause surface binding—droplets or a thin film of liquid often remains in the pipette tip after dispensing. In many applications, even trace amounts of missing sample can affect results. The new tips with VistaLab low retention polymer technology are suited for situations where less fluid retention is desired. Filtered and unfiltered tips are available in a variety of volumes, as well as tips that are sterile and certified for RNase/DNase and pyrogen-free requirements.

VistaLab Technologies Inc
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