Akro-Mils_2015-catalog-cover 400Akro-Mils, Akron, Ohio, has released its new materials handling catalog featuring several new products, including universal hanging bins, a double-sided benchtop spinner rack, the Kanban extended label holder, the Ultra/Deck platform truck system, and a variety of new wire shelving components. The universal hanging bin can be hung from any of its four sides, creating different bin profiles. Featuring a full-rim hanging cleat design, the bin may be hung from a louvered panel on any of its four sides and from rails by two sides. The bins are also sized to fit evenly across standard-size wire and steel shelving units, providing added utility for optimizing storage spaces. When hooked along the back, the bins function as sloped picking bins, keeping parts visible and accessible. Hanging the bins from the front creates a standard shelf-style profile, allowing the bin to be filled to capacity. Bins nest when empty. For more information, visit Akro-Mils.