Seacoast Laboratory Data Systems, Portsmouth, NH, offers an enhanced version of its SLScan document management system. The enhancements seek to further strengthen outreach laboratory managers’ ability to have, at their fingertips, access to the critical financial and clinical information they need.

The system enables clinical laboratory professionals to rapidly scan, index, electronically store, and view any paper documents that come into the lab. Utilizing barcode recognition, SLScan permits all documents to be indexed for storage quickly and identified for fast retrieval.

SLScan is fully integrated with SurroundLab AR and SurroundLab Plus, allowing instant accessibility to stored images with the SLVU image viewer. Such close integration aims to support more accurate billing and payments, leading to fewer denials, stronger relations between providers and payors, and the avoidance of compliance issues.

SLScan was developed to streamline document storage and viewing needs, providing instant access to patient requisitions, including full support of duplex imaging for two-sided requisition forms, insurance and ID cards, reference laboratory reports, and any paper documents the lab deems necessary to store electronically.

“Fast access to information is critical for commercial laboratory managers,” says John Herring, president and CEO of Seacoast Laboratory Data Systems. “Shuffling paper documents has no place in today’s digital world. Our enhanced SLScan document management system can turn any outreach laboratory into a completely digital information environment.”

For more information, visit Seacoast Laboratory Data Systems.