INTEGRA Biosciences has created the D-ONE single channel pipetting module for hands-free transfers from individual tubes or wells using its ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot.

This system automates tasks such as serial dilutions, sample normalization, hit picking or pipetting of complex plate layouts, increasing productivity and reproducibility in the lab while reducing hands-on time, processing errors, and physical strain.

The D-ONE is available in two volume ranges—from 0.5 to 300 μl and 5 to 1250 μl—to ensure optimal pipetting performance across a wide volume range. Each D-ONE module has two separate pipetting channels, using 12.5 and 300 μl or 125 and 1250 μl GripTips for high and low volumes respectively.

The D-ONE pipetting module senses the liquid level immediately before aspiration, and is compatible with all INTEGRA GripTips used for benchtop pipetting devices. This avoids the need for special tips, and saves time during program set-up. Combined with a specially designed D-ONE tip deck that can accommodate two tip racks, this allows the ASSIST PLUS to automatically switch between the different GripTips without tedious manual intervention, offering longer walk-away times.

The combination of the D-ONE and ASSIST PLUS is designed to ensure accurate and reproducible results every time by successfully automating dilution calculations for normalizations, hit picking without any transcription errors, and master mix preparations for varying sample numbers and volumes.

Visit the INTEGRA Biosciences website to learn more about the D-ONE single channel module.

Featured image: The ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot with a D-ONE single channel pipetting module. Photo: INTEGRA Biosciences