Instrument Manager v8.09

Streamlines frequently used actions

Data Innovations, South Burlington, Vt, releases its Instrument Manager™ (IM) version 8.09, which includes a new specimen-management workspace pop-up preferences configuration option, and enhanced Bio-Rad QC OnCall/Unity Real Time integration. The pop-up preferences option provides configuration flexibility that allows users to streamline the keystrokes needed to perform frequently used actions such as releasing specimens. The quality control integration for QC OnCall/Unity Real Time has been enhanced to support up to nine levels of controls to be configured for each lot number. Customers enrolled in the company’s support and maintenance programs can receive free upgrades from previous Windows versions.

Data Innovations
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Isentris Personal Edition

Chemistry desktop software

Symyx Technologies Inc, Sunnyvale, Calif, announces the release of Isentris® personal edition scientific software, ideal for smaller research and development organizations and individuals. Isentris personal edition meets individuals’ needs for storing, searching, viewing, and sharing personal experimental results. The personal edition includes three components: Symyx Isentris, Isentris for Excel, and Symyx Draw. Isentris for Excel automatically generates Microsoft Excel reports that can easily convert large amounts of complex data into predefined, sharable, interactive structure-activity relationship (SAR) tables. Symyx Draw allows users to draw and edit complex molecules, chemical reactions, polymers, nonspecific mixtures, formulations, and biologics. The software is powered by Symyx’s own chemistry engine and Microsoft’s SQL Server Express database engine.

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