International quality assurance program

Diagnostica Stago, Parsippany, NJ, introduces the new Qualiris by Stago—a dedicated hemostasis proficiency testing program. This international quality assurance program is a simple Web-based system that compares participant results both nationally and internationally. The basic program includes most routine hemostasis tests. A wide variety of specialty tests may be added at any time, including D-dimer, unfractionated heparin, low-molecular-weight heparin, factor assays, and Thrombophilia (AT III, Protein S, Protein C). Qualiris also provides real-time peer group reports and monthly, biannual, and annual reports with quantitative and qualitative statistics.

Diagnostica Stago
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ITF-GoDoc Reporting Feature

Critical value alerting and reporting

Halfpenny Technologies, Blue Bell, Pa, introduces a new critical value alerting and reporting feature for its ITF-GoDoc solution. ITF-GoDoc enables physicians to access laboratory, pathology, and radiology result reports from their iPhone, Droid, or Blackberry Storm-powered Smartphones. The company’s automated, closed-loop critical value alerting and reporting feature for ITF-GoDoc offers a convenient way to notify physicians of test results while eliminating the potential for errors associated with manual tracking of alerts. ITF-GoDoc provides automated acknowledgment of message receipt, which can be routed back to a host health information or laboratory information system. It is now available for free download.

Halfpenny Technologies
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