LimsLink CDS

Interfaces for chromatography data systems
The new LimsLink CDS from Labtronics Inc, Guelph, Ontario, combines seamless, embedded CDS/LIMS interfaces for four top chromatography data systems in one solution and introduces a new interface for Chromeleon CDS and an upgraded interface for Empower, TotalChrom, and ChemStation embedded interfaces. LimsLink CDS v4.1 interfaces give labs direct and transparent connection between their chromatography data systems and LIMS, allowing analysts to create sequences and send results straight to LIMS from within their CDS client. The interfaces speed up delivery of chromatography results to LIMS by reducing the amount of time analysts spend on chromatography data management. The Special Function Suite is part of the CDS v4.1 solution, extending the data-management capabilities of the core CDS application. The Special Function Suite supports the creation of interfaces that go beyond data transfer, automating as much of the CDS data-management process as possible.

Labtronics Inc
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GermStopper SpillSeal S6000K

Washable, corded keyboard
Unotron, Dallas, introduces the new GermStopper™ SpillSeal® washable, corded keyboard S6000K, with antibacterial protection incorporated in the plastic and a soft touch for typing. A broad-spectrum, inorganic, silver-based biocide is integrated in the unit. The silver ions maintained in inorganic matrices become antimicrobial with low toxicity levels, and are noncorrosive, nonflammable, and nonsensitizing.

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Automation Studio

Symyx Technologies Inc, Santa Clara, Calif, introduces Automation Studio, a new enterprise software solution that accelerates experimental workflows and improves R&D productivity by automating and controlling multiple lab instruments. The software facilitates data collection, real-time data processing, analysis, searching, and reporting. It combines the capabilities of the company’s Epoch and Impressionist lab execution software into a new application that integrates powder dispensing, liquid handling, heating, stirring, chromatography, spectroscopy, and imaging functionalities. The software is configured for turnkey control of more than 150 different lab instruments from more than 50 vendors, allowing scientists to manage workflows with a single, intuitive application. It captures experimental data in a standard database that scientists can access across multiple sites, facilitating retrieval and sharing of experimental protocols and data by globally distributed project teams.

Symyx Technologies Inc
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