To accelerate and facilitate the adoption of whole-genome sequencing for rare genetic diseases, Illumina, San Diego, Calif, is launching the TruSight Software Suite. This new offering enables sample-to-report analysis for genetic disease testing, giving customers an integrated solution that focuses on empowering researchers to go from 5 million variants to a small handful in a rapid, scalable way. “The future of pediatric medicine will include whole genome sequencing for suspected genetic disorders,” says William Morice, MD, PhD, president, Mayo Clinic Laboratories, and department chair, laboratory medicine and pathology at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. “Enabling laboratories and physicians with access to efficient, clinical-grade whole-genome sequencing solutions is essential.” “This combination of products will set the standard for scalable and swift interpretation of genomic information, enabling whole-genome sequencing to become the standard of care in rare diseases,” says Ryan Taft, vice president of scientific research at Illumina. “By enabling users to quickly sift through millions of variants to find an answer, we will make it easier for rare disease patients to benefit from valuable genomic insights.” For more information, visit Illumina.