SpIntellx, Pittsburgh, Pa, and CellNetix Pathology and Laboratories, Tukwila, Wash, will collaborate to validate the SpIntellx HistoMapr-Breast Platform, which utilizes explainable artificial intelligence (xAI) for healthcare providers to diagnose and treat breast cancer more efficiently and accurately. The platform is the first in the companies’ larger efforts to harness the power of xAI-assisted lab processes in the development of diagnostics, prognostics, therapeutic strategies, and drug development for tumor and nontumor diseases.

SpIntellx brings a proprietary spatial analytics approach to digital pathology. The advanced spatial analytics capture the architecture and communication patterns of the various histological structures, thus yielding maximally predictive information from patients’ tissue sections to inform therapeutic strategies and clinical decisions. HistoMapr-Breast uses this information to provide clear and unbiased justifications for its automated recommendations.

HistoMapr-Breast is the first of many planned spatial analytics and xAI pathologist guides designed to: triage the case workload to direct the most difficult and borderline cases to subspecialists; perform retroactive quality assurance to improve pathologists’ accuracy and efficiency and reduce intra- and inter-pathologist discordance; provide transparent xAI guidance that explains why the algorithms made a specific recommendation; and facilitate standardized reporting in real time. The HistoMapr technology and approach is generalizable to a wide range of diseases, both tumor and non-tumor in nature.

“We are thrilled to be working with SpIntellx in further developing and validating HistoMapr and the use of explainable artificial intelligence (xAI) in the practice of pathology,” says Dominique Coco, MD, lead project pathologist with CellNetix Pathology and Laboratories. “We see great potential in xAI which could rapidly reshape how we practice pathology.”

“We will be working closely with CellNetix Pathology and Laboratories to complete the validation of HistoMapr-Breast as the final step in our commercialization process. We are delighted to be partnering with the experts at CellNetix in the next step toward revolutionizing the impact of pathology on precision medicine,” saus SpIntellx co-founder and CEO, S. Chakra Chennubhotla, PhD.

For more information, visit SpIntellxand CellNetix.

Featured image: Imaging of metastatic cancer cells spreading on the surrounding tissue. Image © Nicola Ferrari Dreamstime ( ID 45971826).