Kaon Interactive, Maynard, Mass, has introduced the first interactive laboratory plan and design tool that enables the visualization of laboratory configurations and communicates the unique value of laboratory products and services.

The company’s Laboratory Design Tool (LDT) uses 3D modeling, augmented reality, and virtual reality to personalize the process of buying laboratory products with stunning realism. LDT empowers multiple buyers within the laboratory ecosystem to visualize complex instruments, equipment, and workflows in a virtual layout before purchasing equipment or committing to construction plans.

The LDT is the newest addition to the portfolio of solutions built on the Kaon high-velocity marketing platform. Users start configuring their laboratory either by free-drawing a layout themselves or by selecting from predefined spaces that meet their specific business needs. Once a floor plan has been created or selected, instruments and furnishings may be added from a library of objects, using a simple drag-and-drop action. At the touch of a button, such 2D floor plans instantly become 3D immersive and interactive experiences.


Gavin Finn, Kaon Interactive.

The tool can be customized to allow data-driven product and workflow suggestions for unique laboratory layouts, revealing differentiated value through calculated impact such as assay volume, energy requirements, space requirements, and staffing modifications. It also helps to demonstrate future layout evolutions by supporting comparisons between existing and new workflows. Such a capability helps planners to validate proper fit, optimize space, improve efficiency, and reduce sample loss caused by contamination.

“Visual interactive applications are the next phase in digital transformation for B2B enterprises,” says Gavin Finn, CEO and president of Kaon Interactive. “Technologies such as interactive 3D product and environment models, virtual reality, and augmented reality all offer enterprise teams, including marketing and sales, invaluable tools to create uniquely memorable experiences. After successful global deployments by leading life science companies, Kaon’s newly launched Laboratory Design Tool has delivered on this vision.”

Kaon Interactive’s applications are available for iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows systems.

For more information, visit Kaon Interactive.