The Varioskan™ spectral scanning multimode reader and SkanIt™ software is designed for optimal assay performance in pharmaceutical and biotech research, assay development, and secondary screening.
     Varioskan provides unlimited wavelength selection, a dispenser for optimizing kinetic assays, and high sensitivity for fluorometric and photometric applications. The system’s built-in dispenser enables simultaneous dispensing and measuring, allowing follow-up of the reaction directly from reaction onset. This enables fast kinetic measurements, such as calcium flux studies and enzyme kinetics. Assays requiring measurement at low UV to visible wavelength can be performed due to the Varioskan’s wide spectral range.
     SkanIt software is designed to allow easy assay setup, effortless data reduction, and comprehensive report formatting. Software editions available include a research edition for life-science researchers and a drug-discovery edition for compliance with 21 CFR Part 11.

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