Data Innovations, South Burlington, Vt, has released version 8.12.10 of Instrument Manager (IM). With this release come several changes:

  • Added functionality for confirmatory testing protocols that require two-person review and release.
  • PDF reports generated by instruments can now be received and displayed along with all the patient, sample, and test information.
  • Dedicated intra-lab comment fields for specimens and tests have been added to improve communication and provide more detailed documentation.
  • For users accessing IM across a network, v8.12.10 supports a new method by accessing IM via Web browser using Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Web Access with Windows Server 2008 R2.
  • The interface translation tables (mapping) can be managed by third-party applications such as Microsoft Excel and imported or exported from external files.
  • IM’s ability to build, store, and execute rules for test cases using regression testing has been expanded to allow importing and exporting of these cases for easier deployment across systems.
  • Monitoring hot-backup systems has been added to the primary status screen to ensure  redundant systems are synchronized and working properly. Notifier, Instrument Manager’s notification service, has been expanded to alert users in the event of issues associated with hot-back systems.
  • Sample Storage and Retrieval (SSR) has been enhanced to send update messages to LIS and/or automation system when logging specimens out or when disposing of samples.