Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc, Milford, Mass, introduces the new Thermo Scientific Sorvall LYNX superspeed centrifuge series.

The series features a 100,000 x g top speed performance and supports high-throughput sample processing from 50 mL conical tubes and microplates to 1 L bottles, up to a six-liter capacity.

Run setup is simple, with an intuitive touchscreen interface featuring a bright, highly visible, and durable display. Onboard video tutorials and access controls, such as user login with password protection, provide advanced training and programming options.

The centrifuges feature builtin safety and rotor technology innovations that shorten run setup time and increase security, including:

Secure, push-button auto-lock rotor exchange in less than 3 seconds, ensures that the rotor is automatically and securely locked and will not loosen during a run

  • Auto-ID instant rotor identification recognizes a rotor when secured in the chamber

  • Lightweight, corrosion-resistant Fiberlite carbon fiber rotors, including the new Fiberlite LEX designs, improve ergonomics and performance 

  • Rotor lids for microbiological containment, certified by the Public Health Laboratory Service, Porton Down, UK.

Click here to watch a product video.

[source: Thermo Fisher]