In response to growing demand for ScheduleLabs, an automated laboratory staff scheduling solution, Maplewood Software Inc, has selected Longhorn Laboratory Partners LLC to be its national and global distributor. As part of this agreement, Longhorn will also distribute Maplewood’s InspectionReady suite of products that helps medical laboratories maintain a paperless, 24/7 readiness for laboratory accreditation inspections.

"Demand for ScheduleLabs has zoomed over the past year," stated Nancy Janzen, founder and chief operating officer of Maplewood Software, based in Spokane, Washington. "It allows laboratory supervisors and managers to stop using manual staff schedules and replace these time-consuming tasks with a simple, staff-friendly scheduling tool that automates the process and shaves off hours per week from the time that managers currently spend developing staff schedules."

Maplewood’s ScheduleLabs and InspectionReady are both offered in a Software-as-a Service (SaaS) delivery model that allows online access to the software from anywhere in the world with Internet access. These SaaS solutions require no IT staff for implementation nor additional software or hardware. Online access allows supervisors to easily view and edit schedules and employees can also quickly, remotely, and independently view schedules and submit vacation and schedule requests.

InspectionReady is Maplewood’s answer to the lab’s need to be prepared for surprise inspections. This SaaS solution helps laboratories go paperless while maintaining 24/7 inspection readiness.