Labtronics Inc announces a new LimsLink CDS interface for Varian’s Galaxie CDS.

This embedded interface adds a new menu item in the Galaxie Client that lets authorized Galaxie users automatically retrieve worklists and sample information from LIMS without ever leaving Galaxie.
LimsLink CDS automatically expands these LIMS worklists to include standards, check samples and replicates and then uploads the full sequence to the Galaxie Project – ready to run.
After the sequence has been analyzed, LimsLink CDS electronically captures any Galaxie report, automatically extracts the information that goes to LIMS and transfers that information to any LIMS.

  • Get direct access to LIMS from inside the Galaxie client
  • Automatically upload complete sequences to the Galaxie project
  • Capture Galaxie reports electronically and reports results directly to LIMS
  • The interface can be easily configured to meet your requirements

Easy to work with and highly functional, the new LimsLink CDS Galaxie Embedded Interface speeds up delivery of chromatography results to LIMS by significantly reducing the amount of time analysts spend on chromatography data management.
LimsLink CDS Embedded Interfaces are available for ChemStation, Chromeleon, Empower, Galaxie and TotalChrom. 

Source: Labtroincs Inc