photoA software upgrade to the Intellicheck processes on the Vitros ECi Immunodiagnostics System allows for several system improvements.
     An Integrated Code for reviewing results has been added. The new code allows for the monitoring of edits to patient data fields of the result record. A permanent result record is then maintained for any field edited on the patient data screen. This optimizes patient record integrity.
     Intellicheck’s patented Automatic Reagent Metering Verification uses a level-sensing technology to verify the overall performance of the Reagent Metering subsystem for aspiration and dispensing of assay reagents. This process also has been improved. Intelligent Error Recovery identifies exceptions to Intellicheck operations and immediately provides operator notification while maintaining continuous operation. The software monitors the expiration of the weekly Subsystem Cleaning procedure. Immediate operator notification is provided, including a new Integrated Code when expired, for appropriate documentation and alerting the operator to perform the procedure so that the result integrity is maintained.
Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics
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