Technidata, Montbonnot, France, has launched the third version of its TD-Genet software, which responds to the specific needs of chromosomal and molecular genetics laboratories and clinical genetics departments.

Genetic mutations can be identified through the use of classic methods such as Sanger sequencing or pyrosequencing, or emerging techniques such as next-generation sequencing. In such processes, the genetic samples are placed on microwell plates, each of which can contain up to several hundred wells.

“It can quickly become pretty laborious to define plate layouts and report results, and this can also be a source of errors because these tasks are frequently done manually in laboratories using, for example, Microsoft Excel to manage the microplates,” says François Tourres, product manager at Technidata. “TD-Genet allows users to automate, standardize, and industrialize their processes. They can therefore define their plate plans very easily using a graphics tool, then display the genetic mutations identified for each well. Processing examinations and microwell plates in batch mode is a safe and efficient way of managing routine tasks.”

TD-Genet interfaces with, and can be integrated into, existing healthcare systems thanks to the use of standard HL7 communication protocols. Technidata has paid particular attention to how the solution manages the confidentiality of medical data. The transfer of results to the hospital information system and patients’ medical records can only be done with consent. User rights can be finely tuned to permit only authorized personnel to view results.

TD-Genet provides functionalities such as pedigree charts to take the family context into account, customizable workflow configuration to respond to individual laboratory organization, and nonconformity and reagent management features. The software offers all the functionality needed for the entire process, from managing appointments and patient consent to extracting statistics, passing through clinical review and results reporting.

For more information, visit AACC booth 4618 or Technidata.