FlowMetric Diagnostics Inc, Doylestown, Pa, and Handyem Inc, Quebec City, Canada, have entered into a partnership centered on incorporating Handyem’s HPC-150 portable flow cytometer within FlowMetric Diagnostics’ mobile point-of-care diagnostic laboratory, the Mo-POD. The mobile laboratory platform was presented at the BIO International Conference, held last month in Philadelphia.

By virtue of their strategic collaboration, FlowMetric Diagnostics and Handyem intend to accelerate flow cytometry as a precise and low-cost diagnostic platform to serve North American and global medical needs.

Handyem’s HPC-150 flow cytometer employs an optical fiber microfluidic technology. The result is a compact, rugged, powerful, and highly portable analytical unit capable of providing six-parameter cytometric analysis. “We are proud to partner with a company that shares our vision to simplify and decentralize medical diagnostics by means of flow cytometry,” says Alain Chandonnet, president and CEO of Handyem. “We are convinced that the Mo-POD is a step forward to extend flow cytometry’s current boundaries, bringing the analytical instrumentation as close to the patients and samples as possible—even in remote geographies.”

FlowMetric Diagnostics has engineered a mobile laboratory platform that provides comprehensive support systems for remote flow cytometry capabilities to perform the company’s diagnostic assays. Mo-POD systems coupled with Handyem’s HPC-150 flow cytometer represent a breakthrough approach to diagnostics, paving the way for inexpensive personalized medicine.

“We believe that this partnership between FlowMetric Diagnostics and Handyem will shift the paradigm of what actionable personalized medicine is for individuals in need of sensitive and specific diagnostics,” says Ren Capocasale, founder and CEO of FlowMetric Diagnostics.

According to the partners, flow cytometry is set to revolutionize diagnostics through the development of sensitive and inexpensive assays. FlowMetric Diagnostics is at the forefront of this effort, and is positioned to launch a platform of tests for monitoring cell-mediated immune responses. Each test requires only a small volume of capillary blood, eliminating the need for a venous blood draw and overcoming many of the barriers to diagnostic testing outside of the clinic or hospital.

“This landmark partnership will redefine the way diagnostics are performed around the world,” says Chris Molineaux, president and CEO of the Pennsylvania Biotechnology Association. “Strategically drawing on Handyem’s innovative portable flow cytometry technology, and coupling this with FlowMetric Diagnostics’ assay portfolio and mobile lab units, represents a powerful opportunity to transform patient services and pandemic responses. This is truly a mobile solution in global healthcare.”

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