Adam DU_Connection to multiple products 400Adam Equipment, Danbury, Ct, has released an updated version of its Adam DU software to help achieve seamless data collection and analysis for laboratory balances. DU now contains a speech capability feature that delivers the results of balance readings verbally, allowing scientists and production workers to perform multiple tasks without pausing to monitor the balance display. DU collects information from up to eight Adam balances simultaneously, using RS-232 or USB connections. Real-time graph readings provide visual assessments of progress, while users can collect date, time, and balance identification information on raw data or graphed readings. Adam DU facilitates the export of captured readings to other file formats, including text, csv, html, and xml. Laboratory users can perform statistical analysis on readings and capture custom data, since Adam DU supports up to six additional user-defined data fields. The system also logs and stores calibration reports, allowing complete tracking of calibration records. For more information, visit Adam Equipment.