Basler, Ahrensburg, Germany, has enhanced its PowerPack for microscopy to address the challenging requirements of fluorescence imaging. The 2.0 version of the Basler microscopy software is designed to increase user convenience, with dark skin mode and fluorescence color presets, as well as additional feature upgrades. Basler offers two cameras that are particularly suitable for fluorescence imaging: the Microscopy Ace 2.3 MP Mono offers a resolution of 2.3 MP combined with high sensitivity thanks to its large pixel size; the Microscopy Ace 5.1 MP Mono balances high resolution (5.1 MP), large pixel size, and low noise level. An important factor in fluorescence applications is the use of low light emissions, to reduce the risk of photo-bleaching the sample. The Basler cameras provide high quantum efficiency and sensitivity, to take images even in low light. Besides suitable frame rates, both cameras deliver a high dynamic range for recording the differentiation between subject and background. The software also offers exposure compensation and a new zoom feature for stereomicroscopes. For more information, visit Basler.