The Asia automated reagent injector from Syrris, Royston, UK, is designed for use with Asia flow chemistry systems, enabling fully automated experiments with multiple reagents. Driven by the Asia syringe pump module, the compact injector offers high performing, fully automated sample injection via two independent channels, enabling complex matrixed libraries to be synthesized. Gas blanketing provides the inert sampling conditions required for safe handling of air- and moisture-sensitive reagents and, with sample prepressurization up to 20 bar, dispersion and pressure drops during reactions can be avoided, permitting even very small volumes to be injected. For maximum flexibility, sample loops from 0.1 to 10 ml are available, as well as a selection of removable racks for 2, 8, and 40 ml vials. Complete process automation is provided by connection to the Asia manager PC software, supporting sophisticated multiple sample injections and experiments, including such key applications as synthetic library generation, reagent screening, reaction optimization, kinetic and degradation studies, and LogD screening. For more information, visit Syrris.